Fort Worth Stockyards Engagement // Holly & Jeffrey

Good day. I hope y’all are doing well out there. I wanted to share a few things we have been up to during this quarantine/time of pause:

1.) We recently added 4 baby chicks (who are currently 8 weeks old) to our flock of backyard chickens! Our original flock is 6 years old now and one unfortunately passed away recently, so we only have two big girls (and a silkie chicken that we have to keep separated). It’s been such a joy to have these lil’ feathery friends around the house. I’m still thinking of names for the new ones…I’ve been studying their personalities in the meantime. Fresh eggs from happy hens are the most delicious eggs, and we are currently getting about 2-3 per day. Once these little gals grow up in a few months, we’ll have plenty of eggs to share. 

2.) Thankfully Philip and I already really enjoy cooking (so much that Philip dreams of opening a restaurant of his own someday), so we have been happily cooking all of our meals. Unfortunately Philip was laid off from his restaurant job back in March when the pandemic & national emergency was officially declared and restaurants were forced to close. It’s a good thing to aim to be even more self-sufficient during this time. I’ve also been making a lot of gluten-free banana bread and experimenting with new flavorful additions each time I bake one.

3.) I’ve blown off the dust from my vintage bike I bought and named “Clementine” several years ago, and have been enjoying riding her around my quaint neighborhood I recently moved to. It just feels so good to take in the fresh air and the floral smells of Spring. Texas has been giving us some nice cool air recently and I’m all for it. 

4.) Philip and I have also been nerding out on this intense board game called 7 Wonders.

5.) Since my gym closed, I’ve been getting back into what I used to do back in the day and following Blogilates fun and free workout calendars again. Also have been following some tap dancing videos. (I used to tap dance as a kid, so I’m brushing up my skills). Tap dancing is not only a physical workout, but mental workout. 

6.) Lots of gardening, reading, pondering life, etc. The opportunity to slow down the hustle and bustle of “normal” life (even if it’s forced due to a scary new virus) and appreciate the simple things, is what I find to be a positive amongst the craziness. I find myself feeling more thankful and grateful for what I already have. 

I also want and need to share some previously shot work that have been patiently awaiting in the photographic “vault”. You know how there’s a “Disney Vault”? Lol. Well it’s time to release these images and prepare some blogposts! I’m completely caught up with all of my editing anyways. 

Holly and Jeff met back in high school. He was in the school’s baseball team which always attended the games of the volleyball team she was in. The guys and the gals would hangout with each other after the games and that is how they were first introduced. Several years later they happily tied the knot! And here I am, sharing some favorite engagement photos of these happy lovebirds. :) 

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