Book themed Austin engagement // Brittany & Chandler

Oh how I loved this session and how I adore this very sweet book-obsessed couple. Not to mention the dreamy peacocks just roaming freely around the lush property. I seriously LOVE having the opportunity of photographing down in Austin. The Texas Hill Country sure is a beautiful sight. Every time I receive an inquiry to document something there, I’m super down and super stoked.

// plus, it gives me another reason to visit my amazingly talented musician friend, Arielle LaGuette, who is having an upcoming tour around North Texas…check her out!// 

Also, you might have noticed…but I’ve updated my website! I’m still tweaking it and working on updating the portfolio page, but my main focus was for it to be more mobile-friendly. It’s about time right? I also rearranged my whole office for the new year. It’s good to breath life back into things. 

Anyways, back to the images…enjoy! 

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