Multi-Generational Family Session // The Dunaways

dunawaymulti2016_0002 It’s that time of year when I photograph a bunch of lovely families! It’s Christmas card season so I’ve been busy wizzy. I especially love families that return to me multiple times and I truly adore seeing them grow! The Dunaway sons are married to Ashley and Jordan, both very beautiful ladies, and they each have toddler boys (yay for cousins!) around the same age. Pretty fun! (Grandma and Grandpa made it to the shoot too!) You know how challenging photographing toddlers can be…they have their moments, but I love capturing those candids of kids being kids along the way. Enjoy!

dunawaymulti2016_0016 dunawaymulti2016_0004 dunawaymulti2016_0005 dunawaymulti2016_0007 dunawaymulti2016_0008 dunawaymulti2016_0009 dunawaymulti2016_0010 dunawaymulti2016_0011 dunawaymulti2016_0012 dunawaymulti2016_0013 dunawaymulti2016_0014 dunawaymulti2016_0015 dunawaymulti2016_0018 dunawaymulti2016_0019 dunawaymulti2016_0020 dunawaymulti2016_0021 dunawaymulti2016_0022 dunawaymulti2016_0023 dunawaymulti2016_0024 dunawaymulti2016_0025 dunawaymulti2016_0026 dunawaymulti2016_0027 dunawaymulti2016_0028 dunawaymulti2016_0029 dunawaymulti2016_0030 These adorable custom red pajamas are from Bentley Belle on Etsy. 

dunawaymulti2016_0031 dunawaymulti2016_0032 dunawaymulti2016_0033 dunawaymulti2016_0034 dunawaymulti2016_0035 dunawaymulti2016_0036 dunawaymulti2016_0037 dunawaymulti2016_0038 dunawaymulti2016_0039 dunawaymulti2016_0040 dunawaymulti2016_0041 dunawaymulti2016_0042 dunawaymulti2016_0043 dunawaymulti2016_0045 dunawaymulti2016_0046 dunawaymulti2016_0047 dunawaymulti2016_0048 dunawaymulti2016_0049 dunawaymulti2016_0051 dunawaymulti2016_0052

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