Chapel Dulcinea Austin Elopement // Tierney & Beau

Big weddings aren’t for everyone. Tierney and Beau eloped on leap day earlier this year (I’m calling it an eLEAPment) and I was more than happy to travel for it. I truly love photographing elopements. Honestly, they’re pretty chill, not hectic at all. Chapel Dulcinea in Austin is a perfect venue to elope at…not only is it stunning, but it’s free for lovers to use! The officiant and I helped Tierney get dressed. After they tied the knot, I followed them for a tasty burger from Hopdoddy Burger Bar (who kindly gave the newlyweds a free meal!). It was a beautiful day, and I’m so very honored that they asked me to join them on the journey! Cheers!

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