Thistle Springs Ranch Wedding || Addie & Anton || Cleburne, TX

     It’s almost been a complete year since we photographed Addie and Anton’s awesome big day in Cleburne, TX. You may have seen a portion of this wedding published in the 2015 Spring issue of Brides of North Texas magazine. I thought I’d finally get around to sharing it on my blog since it’s almost their 1 year anniversary! Personally, keeping up with blogging get’s a bit difficult when I get bogged down with plenty of work to edit during prime seasons, but that’s not that bad of a problem. I promise to do more blogging this 2016 year however. :D 

     Anyways, my darlin’ couple are currently living in California, and they really enjoy camping along the coast, getting lost while hiking through the Redwoods, and biking through their city of San Francisco. They also love seeing live music, whether it’s at a small venue down the street, or at a music festival, it’s one of their favorites ways of spending time together. As a married couple, they hope to see their entrepreneurial endeavors continue to grow. Anton started a tech company (Asseta), and Addie is very passionate about designing and has amazing sewing skills (she’s super talented — you’ll see in this post that she made her groom that super sweet party jacket as well as her sparkly reception dress!). They met on their first day of Sophomore year at Villanova University in Philadelphia, PA and have been inseparable ever since. 

This wedding was my first to document in the year of 2015, so it’s a semi-oldie, but it sure is a goodie! 

“Oh well I look at you and say it’s the happiest I’ve ever been / Oh there’ll be love love love, wherever you go, there’ll be love.” – Noah and the Whale

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vendors || band – Memphis Train Revue | dress – Lazaro from Glamour Closet (San Francisco) | bridesmaids dresses – After Six | florist – The Southern Table | venue – Thistle Springs Ranch | hair/MUA – Rachel Jacobson

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