Lake Tyler Petroleum Club || Day After || Raquel & Andrew || Tyler, TX

Sometimes it rains on your wedding day. And sometimes you have a rockin’ awesome photographer who is more than willing to drive the two and a half hour drive BACK to your destination wedding venue to take the sunny outdoor pictures we were supposed to take. ;) Raquel is a dear friend of mine. She is the amazingly talented florist and creative mind behind R Love Floral Designs. I highly, highly recommend her for all of your lovely floral needs! I had the honor of photographing Raquel and Andrew’s gorgeous (and a bit rainy) wedding back in March, and I will be sharing images from their sweet wedding VERY soon, but until then, enjoy their “Day After” session! (Well technically this wasn’t actually the day after…but…you get the gist…right?) :) This is another excuse to wear that pretty wedding dress again. 

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