Just Married | Krystle & Justin || Pony Creek Ranch Wedding

I’m really excited to finally share this lovely wedding on the blog! I think back to their special day and remember how during the overcast/gloomy/wet drive to Paluxy, TX I kept repeating to myself “please don’t rain…please don’t rain…please don’t rain!”. I know how much Krystle and Justin were REALLY wishing for a beautiful outdoor ceremony. When I arrived to the beautifully rustic ranch, it was quite windy, cloudy and chilly! Then…it started raining…but only for a few minutes. As the gloomy weather moved on, the day suddenly turned into the perfect day for an outdoor wedding.

Krystle and Justin focused the day around their love for each other, their family and friends and of course Justin’s little daughter. Personally, it was such an experience to be at this beautiful ranch complete with friendly deer that come up to you to smell you out and to witness such an awesome wedding unfold. Congrats to Krystle and Justin!

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While I was photographing the bridal bouquet, this darlin’ deer curiously tried to eat it. This is why the owners highly advised that Krystle get artificial flowers. Good thing she did!

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Introducing, Justin’s daughter, Allie! Ain’t she a beaut?!

DayWedding_0038 DayWedding_0039.0 DayWedding_0039.1 DayWedding_0039.2 DayWedding_0039 DayWedding_0040

As a chicken owner myself, I adored this gorgeous rooster! So glad to see him roaming around the wedding.

DayWedding_0041 DayWedding_0042.1 DayWedding_0042 DayWedding_0043
They wanted to sneak away to see each other first! That way she could hear his immediate reaction and hug/kiss/chat/enjoy each others presence for much longer. 

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Sweet Allie joined in for some pics. I loved her sparkly dress and cheerful smile.

DayWedding_0064 DayWedding_0068 DayWedding_0069 DayWedding_0070.1
Krystle knows how to work it.

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I love hugs.

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vendors || venue – Pony Creek Ranch in Paluxy, TX | bouquet & boutineer – Accents Home Decor | dress – Casa Blanca Bridal | catering – Taylor’s Turn N Burn | DIY – table runners, hand-painted signs, center pieces | caked – family friend | monogrammed pillows – Cover Me Fancy | invites/cards – Elwood Graphics || PS thanks to Emily Fiscus for photographing with me!

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