Just Married : Jessica & Ryan, Camp Lucy Wedding

The proposal story according to Jessica:

     “I had no idea what was coming when I flew into Denver on that snowy Christmas day. I should have gotten a hint when every single person in my family, including Ryan, called me every five minutes to see if my flight would fly out, as it happened to be a very snowy day in Dallas too. I was picked up from the airport by Ryan’s future brother in law, Cary. We headed up to the mountains to celebrate Christmas at Ryan’s grandparents lake house. I knew Ryan had some kind of present waiting for me when we arrived (he convinced me that I might be getting a puppy to deter me from thinking something else was coming). I was simply excited to spend time with Ryan and his family. After a very busy Christmas in Dallas, including all the traveling, I was just ready to be there! So gifts or even a surprise puppy was the last thing on my mind.

     When we arrived, Cary told me he got a text that everyone was around back towards the lake. When we started walking, Cary immediately said he needed to go back and get something he had left in the car, and to go ahead without him. When I turned the corner of the house, there were rose petals and candles that lit up the wooden walkway. As I approached the back of the house the candles and rose petals increased and I thought to myself, “Wow…what a cool way to get a puppy!”. As I turned the last corner I heard the song ‘Marry Me’ by Train playing and I saw Ryan waiting there for me, standing in a heart of rose petals and candles. It was like a dream! I eagerly rushed to Ryan, stomping through three feet of snow to get to him.  It was then when I finally saw the words ‘Marry Me’ spelled out in candles on the frozen lake behind him. Ryan got down on one knee and proposed to me while his family watched in the dark house behind us. I repeatedly kept saying “Is this a dream?”. Everything was so beautiful and magical. It was a perfect engagement.”

(check out Ryan and Jessica’s engagement pictures here)

     Even though it rained the majority of the time at Jessica and Ryan’s wedding in Dripping Springs, the ceremony was beyond beautiful. The officiant shared this amazing quote about the rainy day: “A wet knot is harder to untie than a dry one”. Rain is always a challenge on wedding days. As a photographer, you do not want to get your equipment yet and you definitely don’t want to get the bride and groom wet! Even with the challenge of the rain and the cold, the wedding was glorious. Jessica and Ryan are such a fun and loving couple and I am so glad I got to document and experience their very beautiful day. It was filled with a lot of laughter, smiles and love. And a plethora of hugs. My fave. Enjoy!

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A huge thanks to Kate Anfinson for second shooting for me!

(vendor information will be added soon!)


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