Denton Engagement : Sarah and Madison

Although they both were involved in the same youth group and have been attending the same church for the majority of their lives, they never really spoke much to each other back then, they just acknowledged each others presence. Madison was always friends with Sarah’s younger brother though. They finally became friends just before Sarah was getting ready to leave for college in Arkansas. Of course, three days before she embarked on her next step in life he told her he liked her. A little inconvenient timing, but that is how it all began. They first connected when they realized their same taste in music. Together, they love going to concerts and even creating music of their own. Not to mention their love for anything SWEET! They especially love to bake goodies together to satisfy their intense sweet tooths. Whatever they are doing, wether it’s walking the dogs or just hanging out at the park, it’s the simple moments together that truly matter to them.

I cannot wait to photograph their sweet wedding this July!

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“He is such a hard worker in everything he does – he doesn’t do anything halfway and he’s always looking for ways help someone else. His positive attitude has a way of keeping me calm whenever I’m stressing out. I love that he pushes me out of my comfort zone to try new things. He is the weirdest person I know and he allows me to be weird with him!” – Sarah

“I love the way she treats everyone around her, even when she is having a bad day. I love her laugh, her hugs and how smart she is. I love her love for her family. I also love her goofiness and we know how to make boring things fun.” – Madison

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  • Ann

    Ann and I are thrilled and overjoyed with your engagement! Your photos say to me that you are more thrlled and overjoy than either of us and both us put together! We pray and expect your love will grow! Can’t wait to attend your wedding, but we will! Love, Ann and Dave MaloneReplyCancel