InstaUpdate : February 2014

I know I’m a little late with this installment of InstaUpdate for February’s activities, but better late than never. This InstaUpdate contains images that were posted on my Instagram during the month of February! I actually prefer Instagram over Facebook…and I don’t even dabble with Twitter. I tried. But if you’d like to follow my Instagram look up ‘stephanierosephoto’. :) 




February began with a bit of rearranging. I find myself always yearning to decorate and undecorate the old house I rent. It’s constantly changing and growing, but what isn’t? Wherever I live, I aim to make it a cozy home worthy of residing. These recent months I’ve found myself drinking more hot tea than ever in my life. Everyday. I’ve noticed a positive change in myself from skin to digestion. Jasmine Green tea (with local honey of course) being my absolute favorite. Genmaicha being my second favorite. Before I eat or begin work after waking up, I get the tea kettle boiling, unroll my yoga mat, and as the steam emits from the spout, I finish my morning yoga practice.


Sometimes when I practice yoga, my cat Ashley tries to join.








I went on a little dinner date with my dear friend who modeled for my Spicy Love styled shoot. We delightfully feasted at CBD Provisions in downtown Dallas. I was in the area for a boudoir session and had been yearning to experience this brilliant new restaurant. It did more than exceed my expectations. The unique atmosphere, amazing food and excellent service made it unforgettable. CBD is all about celebrating the culinary traditions of Texas with a contemporary point of view. They have a commitment to local and sustainable sourcing which plays an important role in where I choose to consume. 





Since we have almost lived in our rental home for about a year, we have been able to add to our gardening dreams. Philip, his older brother Michael (we call him Perzy), and our friend Avery have been working hard in the backyard, creating a wonderful plan for the future urban farm. Being in the garden and watching it grow day by day has done wonders to my mind and soul. Gardening brings a sense of peace, satisfaction and hope. 



Philip and I went to Hannah’s off the square in Denton for a our friend’s birthday. 








I’ve recently gotten into this routine of buying flowers for myself on a regular basis. As soon as the flowers dry out and die, I’ll get another batch to pair. If you long to be given flowers then feel free to buy yourself flowers. Be kind to yourself. It simply makes life better. I saw these light blue hydrangeas and fell in love. It’s fun to play with flowers, I can only imagine the joy a florist feels as he or she creates their delicate masterpiece. 




Philip and I took the train to Dallas for the first time. What an experience! We went to see our friend’s art at the 500x gallery. As our train arrived early we ate dinner at Pizza Lounge, a comfortable eatery complete with cozy couches and good music. I’m all about atmosphere and visual surroundings if you couldn’t tell. 





To celebrate my sister Amanda’s 30th birthday we did what we usually love to do together…go see musicals! One weekend when we were both free, we decided to do a double musical extravaganza and saw Cats at Casa Mañana one day and The Little Mermaid at the Music Hall at Fair Park the next day. I was so happy that my sister and her husband finally came out to see our home! It was a joy show them our city and our love for it. We sat on the square, drank wine, played musical instruments with friends and I showed them how to hoop with my handmade hula hoop.


…and we made sure to get some sugar from Atomic Candy.




That’s just a few February highlights to share. Just living a simple, joyful life.





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