Just Married : Julie & Eddie

Julie was “twitterpated” when she first met Eddie. “That happy, jumpy, light-as-a-feather feeling you get that causes you to smile uncontrollably”, as she describes it. They quickly realized how much they had in common with each other after being introduced by mutual friends. After a fun-filled day at the lake with friends during a 4th of July weekend celebration, Julie and Eddie ended the night lying on a boat under the beautiful, fireworks-filled sky, conversing for hours. They discovered that they shared similar life goals and interests and they simply didn’t want the conversation to end. Their connection was powerful. The rest is history and now they are married and their conversation will never have to end. :)

Being that Julie is a talented interior designer, her eye for detail was keen. I was so impressed by all of their creative decor I couldn’t wait to photograph it all. And there was a lot of amazing attention to detail. I photographed this wedding back in August (yeah I’m really late with blogging it…picking favorite images to share is a daunting task as there are plenty of goodies ;)). It was a beautiful day filled with fun friends and family who brought a lot of love (and a wild dance party complete with a hula hoop). Their adorable dog, Frank, who was also dressed to impress, followed his best friend down the aisle. At one point Frank escaped from his cage into the crowd of guests right before the cake cutting…it was priceless. Anyways…enjoy! 

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vendors || Cake – Dallas Affaires Cake Company | florist – Bows + Arrows | Catering – Two Sisters | dj – Ryan Lee with Astounding Sounds | venue – Hickory Street Annex | ceremony musicians – Scott Leger + Ivan Batista | videography – Tyler + Lindsay | candle wall – Ginny at Jagad Designs | dress – Maggie Sottero | makeup/hair – Autumn Cooper Artistry | shoes – Jessica Simpson Shoes |

You may view Julie and Eddie’s engagement session here and Julie’s bridal session here.

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  • julie bernard hinojoza

    WOW you did SUCH a phenomenal job capturing our big day! Looking back at all of these photos–I am just blown away! Thank you so much!! I am sooo impressed!!!! and just LOVE LOVE looking at all of these.ReplyCancel

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