Shirley Temple : Revisiting an old session

Today, as I heard the sad news that former child star Shirley Temple has passed away, it made me want to revisit my Shirley Temple styled shoot I photographed back in 2010! Shirley Temple is arguably the most popular child star in Hollywood history and I adored watching her old movies when I was a little girl myself. Her tap dancing and singing skills definitely inspired me as a child, which I’m sure contributed to my constant singing and tap dancing I do around the house today. Yes…I still can indeed tap dance. And clog.

My dear friend and photographer, Stephanie Davis, has an adorable little girl, miss Kate. Like Shirley Temple, Kate also has a bright, plucky and occasionally sassy personality. I thought she’d be perfect for what I was envisioning at the time. This girl is a hoot!

I remember how much fun we had and laughter we all shared that day. Since this was photographed back in 2010, I  decided to reedit them (and I wish I shot in RAW back then…boo me). Anyways…enjoy!

ST_StephanieRose_0001 ST_StephanieRose_0002 ST_StephanieRose_0003 ST_StephanieRose_0004 ST_StephanieRose_0005 ST_StephanieRose_0006 ST_StephanieRose_0007 ST_StephanieRose_0008 ST_StephanieRose_0009 ST_StephanieRose_0010 ST_StephanieRose_0011 ST_StephanieRose_0012 ST_StephanieRose_0013 ST_StephanieRose_0014 ST_StephanieRose_0015 ST_StephanieRose_0016 ST_StephanieRose_0017 ST_StephanieRose_0018 ST_StephanieRose_0019 ST_StephanieRose_0020 ST_StephanieRose_0021

See how awesome Kate did?!?!?!

Shirley Temple was a Hollywood legend turned intelligent diplomat. She was a gifted actor who always stayed classy. She will be remembered.

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  • stephanie davis

    thank you so much for these amazing images of my girl, they are even more meaningful now since the passing of America’s Little Sweetheart, Shirley Temple . She will be missed but her memory lives on in the hearts of many Americans.ReplyCancel