InstaUpdate : September 2013.

I can’t believe that September already came and went. As the weather in Texas becomes cooler and actually bearable, I’ve been very busy with many-a sessions and many-a weddings. I have plenty to edit, more sessions and weddings coming up so I need to stay at the top of my game or else I WILL drown. I’m looking forward to December when I can finally catch a break, recoup and prepare for the new year, which is already getting pretty booked with weddings! Now that September is behind us, it’s time for a new InstaUpdate installment. For those who aren’t familiar, InstaUpdate is something I do monthly as a way to let my readers know what I have been up to for the month (besides just photographing…the usual) using a few of that month’s pictures I took on my iPhone and posted on my Instagram (follow me @stephanierosephoto)! For those who don’t know what Instagram is… it is a free photo-sharing app on the iPhone and Android. Instagram allows users to take a photo, apply a digital filter to it, and then share it with other Instagram users across the globe. Instagram can then be connected on a variety of social networking services, like Facebook and Twitter. It’s like a visual diary.

Here are a few things I did in the month of September.

My September began as a weekend trip to Tushkahomma, Oklahoma. My family and I look forward to visiting the Choctaw Labor Day Festival for every year…I think we’ve gone 8 years now? I remember first going when I was in high school. My father loves to enter the Annual Choctaw Indian Arts show and recently I’ve been entering my artwork as well. The drive to Tushkahomma is quite beautiful and I love playing the sweet sounds of Fleet Foxes whenever I’m surrounded in a stunning, natural setting. Listening to their music certainly affects my soul.

It was a great year at the art show because both my father and I won. Here we are in our traditional, handmade Choctaw dress. I love learning about my heritage and identity within the Choctaw Nation and to be a part of the culture makes me a proud spirit. You may view some of my art that pertains to my Choctaw heritage and study here. My dad won first place in the Cultural award and I won first place in sculpture for my bronze piece (totally unexpected) and I also won the Heritage award for one of my photographs.

During our stay in McAlester, OK, we visited the very small town of Krebs, with a population of only around 2,000. Being that my mom is basically the garage sale queen, we of course had to do some bargain hunting! My favorite kind of hunt. We found a historical building that was having a sale inside. My mother and I often find ourselves gazing at the architecture and dreaming about it’s history than looking at the actual stuff. We asked the owner countless questions about the building, so she offered to take us upstairs to see where she is renovating a new place for her to reside and create her art. We were just in AWE!

Krebs is known for it’s Italian restaurants that have been active for many generations. Lovera’s Family Grocery is a small, authentic Italian market, famous throughout the state and beyond for their smoked sausage and handmade cheeses. I don’t eat meat, but I appreciate a good butcher and meat that was raised happily and humanely.

After my ‘mini-vacation’ I got back to work (after a bit of suffering from poison ivy that I got during a session before the trip). I recently did an engagement session at an AWESOME venue where deer, bison, zebras, elk, wildebeest and other exotic animals roam. I was inspired everywhere I looked. It was in Paluxy, TX, two hours away from where I live, but I don’t mind the drive for a gorgeous location opportunity. I had the experience of petting a deer for the first time! The deer was so friendly, like a pet dog. The hospitable owner of the ranch gave me a cup of ice water while I waited on my clients to arrive. I wanted to capture a photo of the affectionate deer on my iPhone and the second I sat down my cup the curious deer knocked it over and started eating my ice. *facepalm*.

I’m still working on my new house. With many booked weddings and shoots, I’ve had minimal time to completely finish my house. I still have curtains to hang and junk that needs a final resting place. I hope to hold my own garage sale soon! Philip’s older brother will actually be moving from New York soon and since we have a second bedroom we offered our home to him. He’s a cool dude. I’m changing the second bedroom from shabby chic to…a gender neutral Texas theme. I don’t know what to call it.

I did a bridal shoot at the Dallas Arboretum the day they were setting up their popular pumpkin patch. When I finished the shoot, I was walking back to the entrance when this sweet, older lady in a cart asked me if I wanted a ride. Why not, I thought. During the ride, she told me about this house called the Degolyer Mansion on the grounds that was about to have a tour and asked me if I wanted to see it. Being a lover of historical, beautiful homes I said yes and she dropped me off. It one of the first houses to have central A/C. I wasn’t allowed to take pictures there, but it was absolutely beautiful with most of it’s original furniture, a delight to see.

Here I am about to go eat at The Greenhouse in Denton, one of Philip and I’s favorite restaurants. We watered our garden before we went and it’s doing swell! It has grown WAY more since this photo. Watering plants is quite therapeutic and relaxing to me.

One of my last days in September I enjoyed a peaceful Sunday evening at Philip’s dad’s house. Some of his family I had yet to meet was visiting from Ohio, so we ate, drank and became merry. I played with my favorite little friend and “nephew”, Carson. Then I went home to watch the Breaking Bad finale. OH. MY. GOSH. The best show.

JJ_0036 Until next time,


Stephanie Rose

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