Just Married: Meagan & Steven

One fine day, the handsome Steven caught the eye of the lovely Meagan during lunchtime back in high school. Meagan wondered about him and even told her friends about this man, but the thought of actually getting to speak with him seemed unfathomable. Not long after this glimpse, they began conversing by online use. A friendly relationship ensued. After a fun-filled summer of spending time with each others circles of friends, Meagan and Steven finally realized that they needed to be more than just friends. They began their loving journey together in 2005 and have been hand in hand ever since. Like always, I am so glad to document an awesome couples big day!

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| Vendors: Venue: Thistle Springs Ranch | Cake: How Sweet It Is | DJ: DJ Connections | Catering: Del Norte Tacos | Dress: Sarah Seven | Hair Accessory: Tessa Kim| Florist: Friou Floral |

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  • Danielle

    I adore the photo of the lady watching them dance from the balcony. I hope that is one of their moms because it’s even more wonderful if it is. :)ReplyCancel