InstaUpdate: The Big Move

These past couple of weeks, my boyfriend Philip and I moved from a tiny, one bedroom apartment “cave” into a cute, three bedroom house. So moving while juggling a business…difficult! Well…moving is ALWAYS a pain. You don’t realize how much crap you have until you start packing…and packing and packing. It seemed never ending. It didn’t help that I had booked 3 weddings the week I was moving (I didn’t realize when my lease was ending) so I couldn’t wait for the stressful week to be over. At one point during that stressful week, Philip’s beautiful sister and little nephew came over to see the house and take an ice cream break. It was good for the soul and very much needed.

move5 The houses here in Denton are so charming with plenty of character. I am so happy to have found a great home in a beautiful neighborhood. The day when Philip and I received our keys was a day to remember.


One of the first things I did when I arrived was take my white sage and bless the house. The house was built in the 40s and definitely has some repairs to be done, but I’m so thankful my landlord is quite responsive. I wrote a long list of things that needed repair, as the people that lived here before didn’t let them know about these things. The landlord was pretty surprised. Things like the sinking linoleum floor in the bathroom around the old toilet. The commode was rotten, leaking and running water all the time. When the landlord and repairman looked at the bathroom, they knew what needed to be done. They began work the day after they saw it. They replaced the floor with new sturdy wood, installed new flooring, a brand new sink with a much needed vanity/cabinet, a brand new toilet and a new back splash. I was tickled by how nice it looked!

Before & After of how the bathroom looked when I toured the house and how it looks now.


I’m so thankful for their hard work and fast response. We really want to help get this house in tip top shape. When the repairman was working hard on the bathroom, Philip offered him a drink (ahem a beer) and the man got to take a break and sit and talk with us. We enjoyed getting to know the man who will be fixing any problems for us!

The last thing to move from my apartment was my cat, Ashley. I tried to put her into her cat carrier and she just wouldn’t budge. I was hot, sweaty and ready to get the heck out of there so I just carried her to my car in my arms and left the cat carrier. She was crying on the car ride to the house and eventually jumped in my lap. She’s a sweet girl, but can be skittish and shy to new surroundings and people. When she arrived in the house she ran straight to my closet to hide. But after about 3 weeks of living here she has adjusted well and loves all of her new lounging and hiding spaces!


This house definitely needs some TLC, not only on the inside, but the outside. The other houses in the neighborhood are mostly owned by house owners, not house renters like Philip and I, so when we arrived there was a lot of yard work that needed to be done. To start out we bought some new plants. Flowers sure can make all the difference.


Our friend George gave us a record player a while back but it needed a new needle, therefore we were unable to listen to the beautiful sound of vinyl. Philip and I decided that we would worry about the needle once we get into the house as a housewarming treat. We just kept buying records in anticipation. It is now running and adds a great vibe to the house. It’s a good thing I have more room to dance now.


 Decorating and figuring out where to place our things has been the cherry on top. It feels good to be able to spread out and have room to breath and grow. I have a lot more work to do and a lot of projects in mind, but I feel happier than I’ve felt in a long time.


Thank you for taking the time to read my ‘InstaUpdate’, using pictures I took with my iPhone. If you would like to follow me on instagram, my username is @stephanierosephoto

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