Bridals in McKinney, TX: Lyndsey.

Lyndsey contacted me last year to document her big day, May 18th, which was probably my most inquired wedding date this year. Apparently May 18th was a really popular date inquiry for my fellow photographer friends as well. Crazy. We photographed Lyndsey’s bridals a couple of weeks before the wedding date at the venue she got married at, Rock Creek Ranch in McKinney, TX. It is a stunning location, with plenty of land and definitely has that rustic chic look.

Personally, I have been insanely busy. I’m moving. Moving is SUCH a hassle but I cannot wait to get out of my tiny apartment into my adorable rental house. Three bedroom. Hardwood flooring. A cute little garden area. Oh my. My Pinterest dreams are going to come true. I have a lot of home projects in mind, a lot of painting and ‘upcycling’ to do. I feel like once I make this transition, I’ll be able to breath and live the way I desire to. Since living in my tiny apartment, I have been surrounded in constant construction which isn’t good for my sanity. I had no idea what I was getting into when I originally moved in. I am estastic to be able to have an entire room dedicated to my future office. Plus, I am in walking distance to a coffee shop and Philip and I’s favorite Asian restaurant in Denton! So once I move in, prepare to be bombarded with house pictures and possibly some before and after’s of my projects! EEEEEK! Anyways, enough about my personal update, lets get back to Lyndsey’s lovely bridals! 

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