Hello? Are you still out there? I sure hope so. I know it’s been quite a long time since I’ve last blogged, but I have some great reasons (and excuses) to explain why the hiatus on blogging. Regardless, I’m excited to restart, resume, and reestablish myself with my blog. So I titled this blog post, “Renew”, to symbolize my blogging renovation (new blog designed by Hey, Sweet Pea). Also how fitting that I just renewed my domain name a few days ago…hehehe. This post will contain pictures from my iPhone/instagram. 

Sitting at ‘Two B’s and a V’ as I write this post.


Let me re-introduce myself. My name is Stephanie Rose. I have been a wedding photographer for about 4 years now. I have a boyfriend, Philip, of 2.5 years and a cat, Ashley, whom I’ve known for EVER. Contrary to popular belief, Rose is indeed my last name. I wear glasses and I have braces. After a long time of photographing many beautiful and confident smiles, I got tired of my “vampire” tooth and wanted to achieve a beautiful pearly white set myself.

(My second shooter, Zac and I photo boothing it at a wedding we recently worked.


My boyfriend, Philip and I enjoy going to see live music, experiencing unique food, thrifting, hula hooping and picnicking on the square in the city we love to reside in Denton, TX.


I have one sister, Amanda. She’s 5 years older than I. Amanda and her husband both live in Waco, so unfortunately we don’t get to see each other too often. Like me, she enjoys musical theatre, singing and dancing.


I recently spent the last 5 years in college at the University of North Texas and graduated in December of 2012. I’m glad the world didn’t end that month because that would really stink to just have graduated for nothing. I really enjoyed my time at college, it definitely helped me grow as a person and helped me figure out my path in life.


Since I’ve graduated, I had found myself thinking to myself A LOT. So many thoughts that needed to be written down, which is another good reason to start my blogging again. It’s wonderful to now finally focus on my photography business, have more time to read on my own terms, as well as some soul searching which has been quite liberating. I now have more time for yoga and exercise and pacify my newfound love for cooking!

As for this blog, it’ll both serve as a way for my fans to be able to view my personal favorites from my most recent photoshoots and weddings as well updates of yours truly. I’ll be sharing thoughts, ideas, and…really who knows. I’m starting this with fresh ideas and hopes.

Working a lovely wedding I documented earlier this year.


I also wanted to make you aware of blog postings titled InstaUpdate. InstaUpdate’s are blog posts highlighting some images from my instagram with an explanation what the heck I’ve been up to. If you follow my instagram (@stephanierosephoto) you’ll notice that sometimes I like to tag images that contain my favorite color, yellow as #yellowoftheday. A hashtag that I like to claim as my own, haha. If only you knew how much yellow I have in my life, from my clothes to my car. It’s everywhere. I like to think of myself as the yellow rose of Texas. A yellow rose means joy, friendship, promise of a new beginning, and remember me, which is something I strive to achieve with my photography.


Until next time…cheers!

-Stephanie Rose

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  • Isabel

    Hi!! Just wanted to say hello!! Found you through an Instagram post by Hey Sweet Pea and just wanted to say I lOVE your new branding!! I am obsessed with yellow roses myself! About 10+ years ago when I made my first email address it started with yellowrose. Then a few years ago I really started finding them and now collect ceramic yellow roses (I know it’s corny!) but it’s me now. Funny to see someone else who loves the color yellow and roses. I’m hoping that when I rebrand I can somehow incorporate that as well. We will see. I’m giving myself the rest of the years to really find ‘me’ as an artist. Take care!ReplyCancel

    • rosebud23

      You’re so sweet! Thank you! :DReplyCancel

  • Isabel

    By the way, where did you find your yellow rose shoes?!? They are adorable!!!!ReplyCancel

    • rosebud23

      Thanks! They’re by Taylor Swift with Keds!ReplyCancel