Saraphine. Singer Songwriter.

Saraphine contacted me to take some headshots and pictures of her because she was told by her friends that she needed to do it. They encouraged her to really get started with her music career and begin to promote herself with pictures. I like doing sessions like these! Being a singer and songwriter myself (more as a hobby) I really enjoy meeting other musicians and getting the chance to relate with them. But when we first met up for this session, I wasn’t sure if we were going to be able to do it because a massive, gloomy rain cloud was hovering over the location we were shooting at. Seriously, it was directly and only over us. As we were walking to find a good spot, it started to sprinkle! So, we decided to start in a location that was covered, but still let in that natural light I love. We waited it out and that dark cloud drifted away and the sky was overcast. Overcast is great for pictures because the clouds act as a giant, natural softbox! Then, towards the end of the session it got really gorgeous. The sun that I love working with so much, began to beam down on us. It was a great session. Lots of laughs were had. Since Saraphine is a musician, I felt the need to interview her.

What type of music do you do/sing?

I have sung a lot of different kinds of music throughout my career, everything from classical to country.  I always wanted to be one of those tough chicks that sings rock ballads or belts out country hits, but my voice was made for the soft folky songs. Lately, I’ve been singing for a few weddings and love being able to add to someone’s special day.  Music has such a great impact on the emotion of a ceremony or reception.

How did you get into doing what you do? 

Music has always been something I’ve been passionate about, personally I love to sing and perform and professionally I am on the business side, working in management and marketing of other artists.  After studying music in college it wasn’t a far departure to get into the business post graduation.

Biggest inspiration(s)?

My inspiration comes from life.  I have lived all over the country/ and even in Europe for a time and have friends that come from all walks of life.  I love to talk to people and hear their different stories.  I get so much inspiration from people that have independent thoughts and feelings and people that follow their dreams no matter how silly they can seem.  God has blessed me in my life with an amazing family and some extremely supportive friends, I try to be grateful and gracious and use them as inspiration for everything I do in life.

What are your goals? Dreams?

Oh man, I have so many!  One day I will end up on a ranch with my horses sitting on the porch in a rocking chair watching the sunset haha.  But while I’m young and energetic I would love to do something within the music industry or any industry for that matter that focuses on women. I would love to do a boutique style agency that is all female musicians.  I think we need to support and stand up for each other.

Favorite color? Favorite word?

TURQUOISE! Indubitably.

What type of girl are you?

What a question!  Well my roots are country!  I was the little kid that wore boots and jeans and played with my brother’s ninja turtles and rode horses, not played with barbies and dress up.  I’d like to think I’m pretty laid back, but I think the word used to describe me most would be “quirky”.  I’ve never really been the one to do the same thing as everyone else; I like the whole “forge your own path” sort of mentality.  So that’s what I try to do; I am determined to find a way to have a “career” without having to sit to many days in an office. I believe in doing right by yourself and being good to people.

Saraphine is such a unique name! Where did it come from?

When my dad was quite young, his mother passed away and he was taken in by some little old ladies, and the one who became like a second mother to him was Juanita Saraphine.

Where could my readers find you?

I am working on creating a website where people can find me to sing at different functions and also I book for other bands as well.  But for the moment all I have is my facebook page.  I am still a work in progress. ;)

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