My New Logo!

I am soooo so excited to show you my brand spankin’ new logo designed by the brilliant people behind Hey, Sweet Pea. It has been such an amazing branding journey, as they helped guide me through many elements. My new logo incorporates my last name (Rose) and my favorite colors, my main color being yellow. I have a lot of yellow in my life, from my car to shoes to clothing to a lot of home decor, etc! I really love yellow. It’s bright, cheery and a happy color. I’m a happy lady here.

With Hey, Sweet Pea, you choose from a list of packages. They go into great detail about their packages and what they have to offer. I chose the Fresh Herbs package which is Logo Design and Blog Design/Build (blog design is still in the works!!!). I admit, I was a bit nervous contacting them at first. I have been doing this photography thing for about three years, but I have never contacted a professional designer to help me at all. My logos in the past have all been made on my own…I’m by no means a designer. But I guess you could say that those three years have given me the time to figure out my business and who I am within it, so that helped me when giving them some information.

To begin my branding journey, I was given a start deck. The start deck is a process that gathers a lot of information from you. The start deck is crucial for them to get to know you, your company, dreams and goals! It’s just the beginning. It was a fun, thirteen-page process of filling out a lot of information. After our first meeting (conducted conviently online with the help of Skype) I was given the task of ‘Branding Homework’, where I was asked to provide links/images of logos that I liked, type/fonts/patterns, my dream competition, specific color examples, etc. The more visual information I gave them, the better.

Next in my branding journey was the ‘Mood Board’. The mood board’s job is to set the tone by showing different colors, fonts, and style which sets an overall vibe for the brand. It’s a visual jumping off point for them to work with. It’s all about visual communication! Here was my mood board…(I admit, it was my iPhone background for a while because it’s just so darn pretty).

After the Start Deck and Mood Board, I was given a list of logo concept designs and two rounds of revisions. Every step was so exciting! When I’d get my email from Hey, Sweet Pea, it was like Christmas morning…again and again. I was overwhelmed with excitement! It’s so awesome to see an idea come to life. Here is my logo printed on one of my clients DVDs (the yellow background is actually my new yellow rose Shootsac cover…look at me, already embracing my new brand look).


I went shopping yesterday and found these beautiful mugs with roses on it. Some of my favorite meanings behind the yellow rose: joy, friendship, delight, remember me and a promise of a new beginning. All meanings that I feel are essential to what I do.



We are still in the process of the blog design, but I’m happy to finally have my baby (logo) in my hands to get going with my new brand, mark and identity! Hey, Sweet Pea are a power team. They know what they are doing. Golly gee, they help in so many ways. I adore them so much now and have become virtual friends with them in the process (I actually ate In-N-Out with them once!). They are here for you to help your business grow and succeed in an increasingly digital world.

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  • I just saw this!! You have made my day over and over this week. THANK YOU for taking the time to share your story!!! I appreciate this to the moon and back!ReplyCancel

  • Thank you SOOOO much for your post… we just finished all the questions for our branding with Sweet Pea and we have our first meeting tomorrow… we are excited and thrilled, but we have to admit that we are a bit scarred… what if we can’t tell them the exact informations they need… we speak french so sometimes… it’s hard to understand…

    We took the biggest packages because we need EVERYTHING lol
    You have a nice logo and we can’t wait to see your new blog designReplyCancel