Hello amazing readers. I’ve been so, so busy. I have been able to photograph A LOT because I’m out of school for the summer! Last summer I had summer school the ENTIRE summer. So I’m really taking advantage of this summer. I’m going to write summer once more. Summer. Texas sure does get hot y’all. I’m going to do a quick personal update of my life through my Instagram pictures. If you’re interested in following me, check out @stephanierosephoto. Here is my InstaUpdate with a few of my recent Instagrams.

My cat, Ashley, was lazy like always…

My best friend, Arielle, came to visit me after a LOOOOONG time of not seeing her. She moved to Florida but now she is back in Texas! We got pedicures. Her wallet/purse thing has an owl face.

I found these darling shoes at the Antique Mall in Denton.

I got to spend some time with my mom, nana, and sister Amanda. We saw the movie “What To Expect When You’re Expecting”. I prefer to see good movies, but I’ll do anything to spend time with my family. :P

After a VERY long wait, I finally got that call. My Nikon D800 arrived!

I got to photograph this darling wedding. I’m sooooo excited to blog about it.

I got to take a break and go boating with my boyfriend, Philip.

Philip and I…ON A BOAT.

I got to experience In-N-Out Burger. Sooo yummy!

In-N-Out Burger date with these talented, young professionals. Jillian Zamora Photography and Hey, Sweet Pea!

I like running now. Somehow I am able to deal with the Texas heat and run outdoors…at times. The awesome thing about running outdoors, you get to see things you’d most likely miss…like adorable little duckies and their momma duck!

I turned 23! 23 is my favorite number. My boyfriend couldn’t have made me feel more special on my birthday!

Philip and I got to house sit. The house has a garden so I got to pick an onion and Philip made me a delicious birthday dinner using garden ingredients.

My mom is currently getting her bachelors in teaching (so proud of her) so she has summer school. Because I’m an art student, she invited me to go to the Modern Art Museum in Ft. Worth to help her with her art appreciation homework. I love this daunting sculpture by Martin Puryear, ‘Ladder For Booker T Washington’.

I kinda went all out for decorating my birthday party. I loooove streamers and balloons. My favorite colors are turquoise and yellow!

For my birthday party, I had the idea of going roller skating. I hadn’t been roller skating in years! But there is this old school rink near Denton. It was brilliant. I bought these sweet skates at a flea market in Fredericksburg, TX.

My sweetie surprisingly was an amazing skater. I was a bit more nervous to skate than I thought I would be.

Location scouting is an inspiring job perk.

 Denton, TX is fun to live in.

Thanks to a sweet find through Pinterest, I was inspired to do my nails for the 4th of July! (Thanks to Wax & Lash Bar for my lashes too).

My friends and boyfriend got to get close to this sweet firework show, just a few blocks from where I live.

And…Ashley was lazy.

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