The 3 Minute Sesh.

So these are pictures of me, Stephanie Rose, the photographer and other things. One day, like today, the day after Thanksgiving, I rolled out of bed, quickly got dressed, ate an amazing brunch at Loco Cafe with my sweet boyfriend Philip and some good ol’ friends visiting from Austin, TX. Today is my free day. A day where I can clean my apartment, bake a pie just for fun, and put up my tiny Christmas tree, but also get lots of editing finished for my amazing clients. My boyfriend just got the day off from work, so I decided that he could take a few pictures for me so I can put a few updated pics on my ‘about‘ page. Since I just wanted something quick, we did a few outside of my apartment near were the dumpsters are to be exact. I set the cameras settings for him and I posed a little…

Philip was actually on the phone while taking these too. Haha. My boyfriend is a character.

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  • You’re too cute Steph. Philip, I haven’t met you but you seem to make Kitty very happy and for this you are loved. :)ReplyCancel