Grapevine Lake Maternity // Reed Family

Happy Wednesday in the new year! I’ve had a lovely little break after the holiday hustle. I photographed an incredible amount of family sessions in anticipation of Christmas cards throughout November and December, which I hope to blog some soon! I also closed on my new house in late October in 2019..and let me tell ya…moving during the holidays when it’s also peak editing season is no fun. But I’m glad to be mostly settled in! But…there is still much to do. We are currently in the process of building a really nice new coop for our 3 chickens (who have been sleeping in our garage lately). 

I’m happy to share this recent maternity session I had photographed about a week before Christmas. It was a cold and brisk day, but thankfully we had some sunshine. You never know with “winter” weather in Texas. Kaylon’s pretty pink maternity gown was purchased at Sew Trendy Accessories, which I highly recommend! Parents, please know that you’re not alone when your toddler isn’t having it during your photo session. I’m a patient photographer and I try all the goofy things I can to get their attention: make silly noises, do high kicks, bring out a squeaky dog toy, etc. buuuut none of my usual moves were exactly workin’ with this particular little one. However, what really did the trick with capturing a smile was when his dad would throw him into the air and catch him and tickle him. Success! I know mom was happy to see that I managed to capture some happy moments. :) 

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