Armstrong Redwood Forest Elopement // Guerneville, California // Holly & Taylor

It was two years ago today I photographed an elopement that changed my life. I got to travel to beautiful California for the first time, cross the Golden Gate Bridge (Full House style), see (and touch) the redwoods in real life, photograph a loving ceremony for a truly AMAZING couple who appreciated me. Plus, my love got to join me. It was just so, so good. 

Walking around the forest was a dream. To be amongst ancient trees joyfully affected my soul. I eagerly crawled into a trunk of one, looked up with a headlamp on, just experiencing how incredibly tall these trees were. It was like standing in a cathedral made by nature. These photos don’t do those trees justice. You just have to BE THERE. Also, the lighting in California is just, different. It’s glorious. Sometimes a little hazy. The redwoods, being so insanely tall, produced different natural light than I’m used to. It was more dramatic. The red tones of the earth added a different element to my images as well. 

Holly is what I consider a DREAM bride. She gave me creative freedom and has been a dedicated admirer of my work. I also adored her floral crown and unique wedding dress she pulled together. I enjoyed daydreaming about her destination elopement with her. And she married a wonderful man. 

We all met up at the Armstrong Redwoods in Guerneville, California (including the officiant). After we all parked, Holly & Taylor did their First Look. After they shared their sweet, first moment together, we explored until we found a lovely spot for them to exchange vows. They married in front of this natural altar draped with ferns and a baby redwood growing upon it. A symbol for their new life together. 

I truly loved capturing this intimate elopement. It was so intimate, that my significant other and I signed the wedding license since were were the witnesses. I will treasure this one forever. Enjoy! And please, if you dream of eloping in a magical environment, lemme know. 


Redwood Wedwood. ;)



aaaaaaand here’s one of me and my darlin’

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