Winter Engagement // Lane & Jon // Arbor Hills

We photographed this engagement session back in January before the earth began it’s rebirth into Spring. And I’m pretty sure it was the windiest day of all time. Luckily, I like to snap a lot, especially in times of need and hope that windy wisps of hair will settle for just a moment. But sometimes it’s okay to let those windy wisps of hair let loose and just go with the flow. ;) Looking forward to Lane and Jon’s intimate wedding at her parents home come May!

“You’re the only one
The only one who gets me good
Who knows me like nobody ever could
Who holds me, so strong
Who puts me back together when it all goes wrong
Yeah I want you to know you’re the only one who gets me

You’re timeless
A little glamour
With a little wine you’re my tiny dancer
You’re the calm
You’re the steel
When my mind starts spinning those wheels”

– Charles Kelly

“love you more”

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