Chapel of the Ozarks Wedding // Top of the Rock, Missouri // Kerry & Jeff

When I’m asked to document a destination wedding, I’m tickled…but most of all I’m honored. I’d never been to Missouri before. It’s incredibly gorgeous and I really want need to go back. I asked my talented photographer friend Stacy Trotter to join me along for the ride. It wasn’t a bad drive at all, the roadside beauty along the way was oh so worth it. And what was even more worth it was working with such a dear couple who simply beamed with joy when they were together.

This wedding was actually held in the heat of the summer last year and it was unfathomably hot (why did I wear black pants again?) but yes, since my blog is now a more mobile-friendly user experience, I’m getting back on the blogging train! Pardon the fact that I have a treasure trove of work just waiting to be published. Please enjoy!! :)

“now at last they were beginning Chapter One of the Great Story which no one on earth has read: which goes on for ever: in which every chapter is better than the one before.” ― C.S. Lewis, The Last Battle

KJwedblog-1 KJwedblog-24 KerrysMapforblog KJwedblog-18 BCblog_0072 KJwedblog-8 KJwedblog-15 KJwedblog-11 KJwedblog-32 KJwedblog-21 KJwedblog-23 a sweet moment with Jeff’s mother

KJwedblog-27 KJwedblog-26 BCblog_0073 KJwedblog-33 KJwedblog-34 KJwedblog-35 and a loving moment with Kerry’s mama

KJwedblog-38 KJwedblog-39 KJwedblog-36 a big big thank you to my second photographer, Stacy Trotter, for capturing Jeff’s “getting ready” images while I was in another building with the ladies!!!

KJwedblog2-14 KJwedblog2-13 KJwedblog2-27 KJwedblog2-25 KJwedblog2-23 KJwedblog2-12 KJwedblog2-11 KJwedblog2-15 KJwedblog2-3 KJwedblog2-17 KJwedblog2-18 KJwedblog2-22 KJwedblog2-26

it’s time for the first look…

KJwedblog2-30 KJwedblog-42 KJwedblog2-33 KJwedblog-46 KJwedblog-47 KJwedblog-48 KJwedblog-50 KJwedblog-68 KJwedblog2-53 KJwedblog-67 KJwedblog-62 KJwedblog-59 KJwedblog2-71 KJwedblog-80 KJwedblog2-65 KJwedblog-77 KJwedblog2-64 KJwedblog2-56 KJwedblog2-89 KJwedblog-91 KJwedblog2-69 KJwedblog-94 KJwedblog2-74

KJwedblog-95 KJwedblog-96 KJwedblog-97 KJwedblog-99 KJwedblog2-101 KJwedblog-106 KJwedblog-105 KJwedblog-101 KJwedblog-102 KJwedblog2-105 KJwedblog2-103 KJwedblog-119 KJwedblog-118 KJwedblog-114 KJwedblog-117 KJwedblog-120

KJwedblog-121 KJwedblog-122 KJwedblog-123 KJwedblog-126 KJwedblog2-123 KJwedblog-127 BCblog_0076 KJwedblog-130 KJwedblog-150 KJwedblog-147 KJwedblog-149 KJwedblog-148 KJwedblog-141 BCblog_0075 KJwedblog-134 BCblog_0074 KJwedblog-133 KJwedblog-154 KJwedblog-151 KJwedblog-156 KJwedblog-157 KJwedblog-159 KJwedblog2-139 KJwedblog-168 KJwedblog-166 KJwedblog2-146 KJwedblog-176 KJwedblog-178 KJwedblog-180 KJwedblog-188 KJwedblog2-155 KJwedblog-182 KJwedblog-187 KJwedblog2-160 KJwedblog-184 KJwedblog2-164 KJwedblog-190 KJwedblog-192 KJwedblog-193 KJwedblog-194 KJwedblog-195 KJwedblog-198 as the sun begins to set for the day, it’s tradition for Top of the Rock to let it go down with a bang. 

KJwedblog-201 KJwedblog-204 KJwedblog-205 KJwedblog-206 KJwedblog-207 a very loud bang!

KJwedblog-208 KJwedblog-196 KJwedblog-200 KJwedblog-197 KJwedblog-209 KJwedblog-211 KJwedblog-212 KJwedblog-214 KJwedblog-215 KJwedblog-216 KJwedblog-217 KJwedblog-218 father daughter dance time

KJwedblog-220 KJwedblog-221 KJwedblog-222 …and it’s party time

KJwedblog-238 KJwedblog-230 KJwedblog-234 KJwedblog-235 KJwedblog-237 KJwedblog-242 KJwedblog-243 KJwedblog-246 KJwedblog2-223 KJwedblog-247 KJwedblog-248 let love sparkle

vendors // getting ready location – Big Cedar Lodge // getting ready dresses – Nativa // ceremony & reception – Top of the Rock // cake & catering – Big Cedar Lodge // dj – Spark Events // wedding dress designer – Jim Hjelm // bridesmaids dresses – Dessy // moh dresses – Jenny Yoo // florist – Artistry in Bloom // hair and mua – Blue Skies // event coordinator – Mary Douglas of Bringing it Together Events // calligraphy – Emilime Designs // invitations – Kaylee Crane Co // map – Mighty Sharp Co // videographer – Nathan Willis Wedding Films // diy – table numbers //


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