Flourishing Love || White Rock Lake || Jackie & Nathan


You know what I’m super thankful for? Amazing clients…especially the ones that continually come back to me for their photographic needs, whether it’s every year or every other year or just whenever they need something that’s particularly exciting in their life documented — I’ll be there.

Jackie and Nathan are in that category of amazing clientfriends. I met them a few years ago when Jackie had reached out to me to photograph them as they celebrate their marriage of 10 years! They had originally met when Nathan was stationed in Germany (where Jackie is from!) and they married soon after. They had reached out to me again to capture yet another special time in their lives — they are now homeowners! So, we began their session in the simplicity of their home, including a few images with their little furbabies. Since they live ridiculously close to White Rock Lake, we ended their session by the water as the sun slowly set. What a great way to end the day. 

I found it super cute when I asked them to speak in German to each other at one point (because I REALLY love listening to people speak in other languages). I love connecting with my clients on a personal level, so seeing them again was like seeing some old friends, we had lots to talk about. And they hold and love on each other so effortlessly…I love love. 

I’m thankful to have clientfriends like these.


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