Downtown Grapevine Engagement || Allison & Jon ||

After Allison graduated, the job market wasn’t looking too good. Eventually, the mother of a dear friend kindly offered her a job as a receptionist at a plumbing/construction supply and distribution company. Allison, who is a bit of a self-proclaimed girly girl, thought that even it’s not her most favorable job choice, it’s still a great opportunity for what it had to offer. A similar situation was felt with Jon. He took a sales position at the same exact workplace just two years earlier when a friend’s father recruited him. He thought, “If I take this job, there will be no cute girls in the industry and I will never meet a girl at work.” And boy was he wrong. During their first few weeks on the job together, they found themselves flirting quite a bit, but neither were quite sure if it would even be appropriate to date someone at work. 

They talked everyday for about three months until an older coworker decided to play match-maker, and basically forced Allison and Jon to finally hangout outside of work premises. After that moment, they have been inseparable since. While they were having a date at a Corb Lund concert, Jon remembers as he watched her walk towards their seats, how he just couldn’t take his eyes off of her. Jon says to this day that he knew in that very moment, that he was going to marry her. And the rest is history! 

I photographed their sweet intimate wedding this weekend with a team of some amazing fellow vendors in the industry! Congrats to the charming couple!!! Much love.

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  • Wow! You were right by our warehouse when you took that photo of the grain mill in downtown Grapevine! I could have given you a big hug!!! Next time your in Grapevine, text me and I will show you around:)ReplyCancel