Klyde Warren Park | Dallas Engagement || Rebekah & Zach

    Rebekah and Zach have known each other for quite a long time now. How long you question? Well, since they both were only about 7 years old! Of course, they were only childhood peers back then and it wasn’t until they were formally introduced in high school. There were so many similarities between the both of them, that is was easy for a friendship to form. A lot of friends believed their relationship was just a high school fling, but it became obvious that it was true love and truly meant to be.

    They chose Klyde Warren Park for their engagement session since that is where Zach popped the question. One thing I haven’t mentioned yet is the fact that they have a sweet little boy together. And the day Zach proposed was the day after Valentine’s. As they were watching their little boy running around, Rebekah just knew that something strange was up with Zach. He was acting a little bit odd. Out of nowhere, he turned to her and asked “Okay, are you ready?!” Thinking he was about to give her a day-late Valentine’s gift, she slowly replied, “Yes???” Then, he pulled out a ring box from the diaper bag and just smiled as he gazed at her…”Okay?” Rebekah giggled to herself, “Well, aren’t you going to ask?”. “Oh yeah…will you marry me?!” It wasn’t the type of picture-perfect proposal you see in the movies. It was clumsy, charming, and in the middle of a crowded park with their little boy, which made that moment all the more perfect for them. 

Waking up super early for this drizzly, overcast, loving engagement session, taken in an empty park that’s usually really crowded, was super worth it. Looking forward to your sweet wedding come October! :) 

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