Dallas Arboretum Engagement || Keri & Brian

They had very different pasts, but somehow their paths led them right to each other at the perfect time in their lives. 

The night that Brian proposed was on the eve of their trip to Napa Valley, which they had been planning for almost half a year. He made dinner reservations, but where he had chosen to dine was a surprise. When Keri finished getting ready, she walked out of their bedroom to find the floors completely covered in rose petals. Brian had thoughtfully arranged pictures, sweet notes, and other memorabilia that they had held onto from the last 18 months together. He had purchased bottles of wine from the vineyards they would be visiting in Napa and had lined them up across the countertop. He gave her a beautiful hand written card which recounted his love for her, which brought tears of joy to her eyes. As she sobbingly finished reading the card, Brian opened one of the bottles and handed her the cork. Inscribed in the cork were the words “I and love and you…”, the lyrics from one of their favorite Avett Brothers songs. As she turned the cork, the next line read “three four words that I want to ask…” and the next line read, “will you marry me?”. Brian got down on one knee and the rest is good ol’ history.

I cannot wait to document Keri and Brian’s sweet wedding this September at Hickory Street Annex! It’s gonna be rockin’ awesome. 

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