Loving Ranch // Weaver Family

Meegan is a fellow photographer who asked me to photograph her delightful little family out on their property in Loving, TX…a name for a city I feel absolutely describes this family! We explored their vast land and picked out the best and most epic looking trees to photograph with. Such a joyful little family to photograph, with lots of hugs and laughter all around.

“Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!” – Albert Einstein

weaverfamily_0001 weaverfamily_0002 weaverfamily_0003 weaverfamily_0004 weaverfamily_0005 weaverfamily_0006 weaverfamily_0007 weaverfamily_0009 weaverfamily_0010 weaverfamily_0011 weaverfamily_0012 weaverfamily_0013 weaverfamily_0014 weaverfamily_0015 weaverfamily_0016 weaverfamily_0017 weaverfamily_0019 weaverfamily_0021 weaverfamily_0022 weaverfamily_0023 weaverfamily_0024 weaverfamily_0025 weaverfamily_0026 weaverfamily_0027 weaverfamily_0028 weaverfamily_0029 weaverfamily_0030 weaverfamily_0032 weaverfamily_0033 weaverfamily_0034 weaverfamily_0035 weaverfamily_0036 weaverfamily_0037 weaverfamily_0038 weaverfamily_0039 weaverfamily_0040 weaverfamily_0041 weaverfamily_0043 weaverfamily_0044 weaverfamily_0046 weaverfamily_0047

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