Just Married: Cindy & Anthony || intimate home wedding

They had a simple desire to have an intimate wedding and to share their big day with only their closest friends and family. But after they booked a wedding venue, the wedding was beginning to become more of a production than they truly wanted. To get back to their original vision, they cancelled the fancy venue and made plans for a romantic wedding in the comfort of their home. What better way to bring a new family together and bless the house with good and loving vibes?! 

Both being busy single parents, they met the old-fashioned way…online! ;) However, after many months of the dating scene, Cindy grew weary of those sites and decided that she needed a break. So, she cancelled her subscription and with just two weeks left on eHarmony, she received the email from Anthony that changed her life in the most wonderful way. 

Cindy quickly fell in love with Anthony…and she was afraid to show it at first. But everything just seemed to fit…their lives, their kids, their interests and values. They ultimately realized that they had found the one they couldn’t live without, not just the one you could live with. 

“Friends are the family we choose for ourselves” – Edna Buchanan

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“Cindy is such a unique and beautiful woman. Her physical beauty is unmistakable, but if you are one of the fortunate few who get to know her heart – then you see the true beauty I fell in love with. She is fiercely opinionated and strong-willed, but underneath it all is a truly compassionate, creative, and caring woman.

Cindy is a strong person who has weathered some storms and fought to be who she is today. I adore her for many reasons…but in the end I am so proud and honored that she loves me. I wish to be the best man I can be for her and for my family.” – Anthony

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“Anthony personifies all the qualities and characteristics I ever wanted in a best friend and husband. I adored him from the moment he sat down next to me on our first date. He has a sort of kindness in his eyes and a genuine spirit that radiates from him.

Anthony possesses charisma and confidence, he has a strong presence and exudes integrity…yet there is a tender, affectionate, and sensitive side of him that melts my heart. His optimistic and joyful attitude towards life is uplifting. I love his sense of humor and passion for creating good memories for us and our loved ones. Above all, his loyalty and dedication to God, family, and friends amazes and inspires me.” – Cindy 

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vendors || cake – Frost It Cafe | catering – 5th Street Patio Cafe | dress –  Aria Bridal & Formal Wear | bridesmaids Dresses – David’s Bridal | florist – Petals Couture | rentals – Bella Wedding Rentals | hair/mua – Green Peridot Salon | DIY – “theme and design was my own. I made the wine cork balls, wine cork “J”, and wine signs. I purchased and gathered all other decor. Good friends graciously served as wedding coordinators for the day.”

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