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Kristine and George met through a mutual friend at the Starbucks in Highland Park Village. They don’t remember exactly how they fell in love…it just happened! It was very early on in their relationship – within a month of dating, that they realized their love for each other. Their first date consisted of walking around the Baylor University campus. They sat on a bench outside the Tidwell Bible Building for most of the evening talking about basically everything. They often go back to that special spot and sit whenever they get the chance, claiming it as “their” bench. They knew early on that they wanted to be together, but George was beginning school in Lubbock and Kristine was going away to Pennsylvania for graduate school. Nevertheless, they continued to keep in touch and talk on Skype, and eventually they were finally in the same city.
I absolutely loved documenting their gorgeous day! Kristine and George desired to have an intimate wedding with only their closest family and friends. Instead of a large reception they opted to have a delicious sit down dinner at Del Frisco’s Steakhouse in Dallas to the sweet serenade of smooth jazz. It was originally supposed to be an outdoor wedding, but with fears of rain AND that Texas heat, they decided to bring the ceremony indoors. During the time when guests would transport from the chapel in Fort Worth to the restaurant in Dallas, we took plenty of bride and groom portraits near the very significant location where they first met and where George proposed.


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“Her smile – it was the first thing that caught my eye when I met her. I love her brain – she’s full of random, and often pointless, information. ” – George

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“I love his random quips, his sense of humor, and his eyes. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul – whenever George talks to me I can see the love and concern in his eyes. It makes me love him even more.  I also love the way he cares and how he’ll go out of his way to help someone. ” – Kristine 

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a hint at where they met…

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 vendors || venue – Rose Chapel | reception/catering – Del Frisco’s | cake – C Marie Sweets | music/entertainment – Meridian String Duo (ceremony) , Jessica Curran Jazz Ensemble (reception) | dress – Carolina by Maggie Sottero from Brides and Beaux | florist – Moss Floral Design | boutonnieres – Bohemian Bouquets | mair/makeup – Erin Blair Hair and Makeup Design | DIY – ringbox, programs (fans), table numbers, escort cards, and cardbox

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