Austin Engagement | Erica & Barrett

They were both students attending Texas State when they met through mutual friends. When Erica and Barrett got to truly know each other, they just knew that they were going to be together forever. The feeling was effortless and very natural. For the majority of their relationship, Barrett was living in Austin while Erica was finishing school and living in San Marcos. Over the last four years they have definitely grown and matured as a couple. They absolutely love exploring, traveling, vacationing (well who doesn’t?!), skydiving and have driven up and down I-35 more times than they can count. They truly believe that with each precious second they spend together, they fall more in love. And they adore their rescue dog Pippa, who joined them on their engagement shoot.

I can’t wait to share their beautiful wedding! Until then…enjoy!

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“I adore his kindness, his sense of humor, and his love of family. I admire his patience, his positive outlook on life, and his perseverance. I love that he is just as, (and sometimes more) adventurous than I am, and that he will drive down to the coast at 11pm with me just so we can put our feet in the sand. I love that he makes me feel completely comfortable with him. I can belly laugh, ugly cry, be happy, sad, mad or hangry (hungry+angry) and I know that he will love me just the same. I love that he can cook. I love the way he acts around children, and that I know he will make a wonderful father someday. I love that he supports me in all of my endeavors.  I love his eyes and his smile. I love the way he makes me feel. I love that I get to call him mine forever :) I could go on, and on, and on, and on…” – Erica

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“I love her smile, and her ability to laugh and play. Most of all I love her unconditional love and loyalty towards her friends and family.” – Barrett

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