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     They didn’t think that it would be possible to fall in love with someone long distance, but they certainly did! Brad and Kaitlin started their emails with casual topics: the workout style they like, the nutrition programming they both follow, the books they’ve read. Soon enough, they were talking about life goals, values, hopes, and dreams. They wrote long letter-length emails every day during the first few months, and those eventually turned into hour long nightly Skype chats as their relationship became a bit more serious. Very quickly, it became obvious that they wanted the same things for their lives. They became smitten so quickly that they would fly to see each other every three weeks during those first 7 months and now they drive to see each other every weekend.

Their weekends together are always joyful…they do the things that they both love to do independently, except they are able to do them together. They workout, read, cook, and have wonderful long talks over a pot of hot tea. It always leaves them so sad to say goodbye when Sunday afternoon comes around. Life is much better when they are together.

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One day, while on a long walk along the river in Georgia, Brad brought up the topic of marriage. They both agreed that they saw their relationship heading in that direction, so they decided to pray about the topic and do some discernment for a few months, just to make sure those feelings weren’t simply infatuation! As time went on, they both felt more and more peace about it, and that sentiment was confirmed by their family and friends.

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“I’ve always hoped to marry a man that I both respect and adore. Brad more than surpassed any hopes! The verse, “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined the things that God has prepared for those who love Him” rings so true for me in this situation. I still have many handwritten lists describing my “dream man,” dating back to junior high, all quite aspirational! And yet, as is always the case with our Lord, I’ve been given a blessing so much better than anything I could ever conceive on my own!

Brad has a lot of extraordinary qualities, but his heart and character are my favorites. He is a man of unparalleled character; I don’t think I can emphasize that enough. He has unshakable integrity; he’s exceptionally hardworking, honest, and kind. He’s loyal, dependable, and committed to excellence in all things (including showing his love for me!). He is extremely generous and selfless, always giving of himself in every way for the good of other people. I feel so cherished, valued, and respected by this man, and that is a priceless feeling! He encourages me to be the best version of myself, all while loving me unconditionally.” – Kaitlin

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“A long-time family friend always counseled his sons that they should not bother dating someone they did not intend to marry.  Growing up, I always found his advice a little nonsensical, for how was one to answer that question without first dating?  With Kaitlin, I never faced such a dilemma.  From our very first talks, I fell in love with her pursuit of God, love for others, and vivaciousness of spirit that was simply infectious.  Plus she liked CrossFit–enough said!

As is the case for everyone with whom she comes into contact, she has enriched my life in every way conceivable. Her loving nature, relentless optimism, and gentle spirit brighten every one of my days, even when we are separated by distance.  I never knew what true, selfless love looked or felt like before Kaitlin; now I get to experience it continually.  I have truly been a winner in life’s lottery, and I can imagine no greater blessing than to partner with her for the rest of our days.” – Brad

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Kaitlin and Brad are pretty eager to tie the knot and begin their lives together, so they opted for a short 6 month engagement, which they say has been a fun and joyful whirlwind! The big day can’t come soon enough!

I can’t wait to document their wedding at the Earle Harrison House in Waco!
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