Arielle LaGuette. Singer Songwriter.

Back in March, I traveled to Austin for a wedding and stayed with my best friend, Arielle, like I always do. We originally met back in college at the University of North Texas in Denton when we were both involved with the UNT Glee club, where we would sing, dance and perform for audiences, just like in the TV show. We used to sing, harmonize and play together at open mic nights at coffee shops or bars before she moved. We have been close friends ever since.

Arielle is a very talented songwriter, who knows how to play the ukulele and guitar. Her singing stands out thanks to her distinctive voice.

We had a sort of spur of the moment photo shoot in preparation for hew new single which will be released April 29th. We began the shoot at Mozart’s Coffee Roasters as I interviewed her over lattes by Lake Austin. It was an overcast day, slightly chilly at times, but it didn’t matter, for I was there with my best friend! She played for me by the dock and it was a joyful and memorable moment. You can check out some of her music here. Every time I visit Austin for work or play I know I always have somewhere to go…I love her so and I am lucky to call this girl my dear friend. 

“I definitely consider myself an Austinite, even though I spent the first half of my life 20 minutes from Disneyland (I think it’s safe to say it was a pretty happy childhood). After my parents moved us to Austin when I was 12, I spent some time in Denton, TX and Orlando, FL before coming right back to where I (practically) started.”

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What musician’s inspire you?

“Classic: Judy Garland. Current: Ingrid Michaelson”

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When did you get into songwriting?

“I didn’t start writing music until midway into college, between my sophomore and junior year at UNT.”

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“Most of my inspiration comes from personal experiences/emotions. It’s hard for me not to identify with things I’ve written – even when I’ve set out to be objective. Sometimes it takes writing a song to unravel how I truly feel about something… it’s wonderfully cathartic in that way.”

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Be sure to check out Arielle’s new single, which will be released on iTunes April 29th!

You can like Arielle LaGuette on Facebook here to keep updated with her and her music!

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