Finally…here is the second part of Shailey and John’s beautiful Hill Country wedding. You can see the first part here! I had to break it up into more than one post because there were just too many beautiful details to share. For the reception portion drove we about 30 minutes from the ceremony location to Warrenton, TX. They put a lot of hard work into transforming this old dance hall into a dreamy reception that was totally jaw dropping and visually stunning. I was in photographer heaven. Because of all of the lights they put up, there was enough ambient lighting to allow for a lot of images, especially of the details and candids, to be taken without much flash and really capturing that lovely ambient lighting and fun atmosphere. Like I always say…the more light the merrier. 

With receptions, I like to join in on the fun. I love those crazy dance moments, the laughter, the tears, kids being cute, grandma joining in on the fun, etc. Don’t mind me if you see me dancing with the guests, camera in hand. It’s all part of my style of photography and service. When guests see that I’m having a good time, they usually shine in front of my lens. 

I just adore Shailey and John SO. MUCH. I loved how grateful they were, how loving their family and how hilarious their friends were. I loved the delicious food, the opportunity to travel and experience. Most of all, I loved getting to learn their story and document their beautiful day as it unfolded.  


DeBroeckReception_0001.1 DeBroeckReception_0001 DeBroeckReception_0002 DeBroeckReception_0006 DeBroeckReception_0007 DeBroeckReception_0009 DeBroeckReception_0010 DeBroeckReception_0011 DeBroeckReception_0012

DeBroeckReception_0013 DeBroeckReception_0014 DeBroeckReception_0015 DeBroeckReception_0016.1 DeBroeckReception_0021 DeBroeckReception_0022 DeBroeckReception_023.2 DeBroeckReception_0025

DeBroeckReception_0026.1 DeBroeckReception_0026 DeBroeckReception_0027 DeBroeckReception_0028 DeBroeckReception_0029.1 DeBroeckReception_0029 DeBroeckReception_0030.1 DeBroeckReception_0036 DeBroeckReception_0037 DeBroeckReception_0038 DeBroeckReception_0039 DeBroeckReception_0040.1 DeBroeckReception_0040 DeBroeckReception_0041.1 DeBroeckReception_0041.3 DeBroeckReception_0041 DeBroeckReception_0042 DeBroeckReception_0043 DeBroeckReception_0044 DeBroeckReception_0045.1 DeBroeckReception_0047 DeBroeckReception_0048.1 DeBroeckReception_0048 DeBroeckReception_0049 DeBroeckReception_050 DeBroeckReception_0051 DeBroeckReception_0052 DeBroeckReception_0054 DeBroeckReception_0056

DeBroeckReception_0057 DeBroeckReception_0058 DeBroeckReception_0059 DeBroeckReception_0060 DeBroeckReception_0064.1 DeBroeckReception_0064.2 DeBroeckReception_0064.3 DeBroeckReception_0064.4 DeBroeckReception_0064 DeBroeckReception_0065 DeBroeckReception_0069 DeBroeckReception_0071 DeBroeckReception_0072.2 DeBroeckReception_0072 DeBroeckReception_0075 DeBroeckReception_0077 DeBroeckReception_0078 DeBroeckReception_0079

DeBroeckReception_0080 DeBroeckReception_0081 DeBroeckReception_0084 DeBroeckReception_0088 DeBroeckReception_0089 DeBroeckReception_0090 DeBroeckReception_0091 DeBroeckReception_0092 DeBroeckReception_0093 DeBroeckReception_0094 DeBroeckReception_0095 DeBroeckReception_0096 DeBroeckReception_0097 DeBroeckReception_0098 DeBroeckReception_0099 DeBroeckReception_0103 DeBroeckReception_0104 DeBroeckReception_0105 DeBroeckReception_0106 DeBroeckReception_0108 DeBroeckReception_0110 DeBroeckReception_0113 DeBroeckReception_0114 DeBroeckReception_0115 DeBroeckReception_0116 DeBroeckReception_0117.1 DeBroeckReception_0117 DeBroeckReception_0118 DeBroeckReception_0120 DeBroeckReception_0121

The beginning.


|| catering – Catering with a Twist | venue – Zapp Hall | cake – Cakes by Suzie | DJ – Space City DJ’s | dress – Austin Scarlett at Mia Couture Bridal | Griffindor garter – Uniquely Yours Bridal | hair – Joni from Atia’s Hair Salon | makeup – Brittany Gutierrez | florist – mother of the bride || 


I love it when the bride and groom want to take a photo with me! Thanks for leaving a sweet mark on my heart! :)



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