Just Married : Shailey & John, part I || Schulenburg Wedding

It was Shailey’s best friend and maid of honor who went to elementary school with John and it was at that friend’s 20th birthday party when John met Shailey. He broke the ice by mentioning how much he liked her shoes. Having fun and laughing is the top priority for these darling lovers.

I traveled alone all the way to Schulenburg, La Grange and Warrenton to document this gorgeous wedding. This was the same weekend when I attended The Glow Workshop in Round Top! Shailey and John wanted me to fully document their big day, so I was there longer than usual, I believe 12 hours? Or maybe it was 10? Regardless, it was a long day. But wow…what a blast it was. And hard work nonetheless. I even photographed the rehearsal dinner at the historical Sengelmann Hall where it was thoughtfully decorated with southern charm. There was even a live country band. And a lot of cowboy boots scootin’ the night away.

The big day was filled with not only a whole lot of love, but natural light pouring in from the windows (prospective brides and grooms take note: try to pick a place where your “getting ready” area has a bountiful amount of windows…pwetty please?!). Though slightly overcast from the day’s beginning, the sun seemed to playfully peek out at the right times. They decided on doing the first look for many reasons but mostly to ensure that we captured all the group portraits they were wanting AND to make it to the reception on time to get the party started ASAP! Weddings are filled with so much emotion, it’s quite common you’ll find me tearing up behind my lens as I listen to the vow exchange or giggling at the hilarious toast…or tearing up again at the touching ones. I love the genuine emotion that comes with weddings. Oh and the happiness! Being surrounded by happy people…it’s good for the soul.

Their wedding included a few elements from several fandoms from Harry Potter to Doctor Who…by the way some of those images can be seen on Fashionably Geek. Shailey and John treated me like a friend the entire time I was there. Every one of my clients seem to leave a mark on my heart. For real.

Because it was a very long day of wedding documentation and a whole lot of natural lighting my second shooter, Zac, and I were blessed to work with, we ended up with a lot of goodies. So to save your eyes from imagery overload, I’m gonna break this one into two posts. Which I’ll post tomorrow. I hope.


DeBroeckWedding_0001 DeBroeckWedding_0002 DeBroeckWedding_0003 DeBroeckWedding_0004 DeBroeckWedding_0006 DeBroeckWedding_0007 DeBroeckWedding_0008 DeBroeckWedding_0009 DeBroeckWedding_0010 DeBroeckWedding_0120 DeBroeckWedding_0013.0 DeBroeckWedding_0013.1 DeBroeckWedding_0014 DeBroeckWedding_0015.1 DeBroeckWedding_0015 DeBroeckWedding_0016 DeBroeckWedding_0018.1 DeBroeckWedding_0017 DeBroeckWedding_0019 DeBroeckWedding_0020 DeBroeckWedding_0022 DeBroeckWedding_0023.1 DeBroeckWedding_0023 DeBroeckWedding_0025 DeBroeckWedding_0026 DeBroeckWedding_0027 DeBroeckWedding_0028.1 DeBroeckWedding_0028 DeBroeckWedding_0029 DeBroeckWedding_0030 DeBroeckWedding_0031.1 DeBroeckWedding_0031 DeBroeckWedding_0034 DeBroeckWedding_0035.0 DeBroeckWedding_0035 DeBroeckWedding_0036.1 DeBroeckWedding_0037 DeBroeckWedding_0038 DeBroeckWedding_0040 DeBroeckWedding_0041 DeBroeckWedding_0042 DeBroeckWedding_0044 DeBroeckWedding_0046 DeBroeckWedding_0047.1 DeBroeckWedding_0047 DeBroeckWedding_0048 DeBroeckWedding_0049 DeBroeckWedding_0052 DeBroeckWedding_0053
“I adore her laugh and her smile. She isn’t afraid to be different. And she understands my particular humor.” – John  

DeBroeckWedding_0055 DeBroeckWedding_0057.0 DeBroeckWedding_0057.1

“He makes me laugh all day every day. He takes good care of my heart.” – Shailey

DeBroeckWedding_0058 DeBroeckWedding_0059 DeBroeckWedding_0062 DeBroeckWedding_0063 DeBroeckWedding_0065 DeBroeckWedding_0066 DeBroeckWedding_0073 DeBroeckWedding_0074 DeBroeckWedding_0075 DeBroeckWedding_0076 DeBroeckWedding_0077 DeBroeckWedding_0079 DeBroeckWedding_0080.1 DeBroeckWedding_0080 DeBroeckWedding_0081 DeBroeckWedding_0082 DeBroeckWedding_0083 DeBroeckWedding_0084 DeBroeckWedding_0085 DeBroeckWedding_0086 DeBroeckWedding_0088 DeBroeckWedding_0089.1 DeBroeckWedding_0089 DeBroeckWedding_0090 DeBroeckWedding_0091.1 DeBroeckWedding_0091.2 DeBroeckWedding_0092.1 DeBroeckWedding_0091 DeBroeckWedding_0092 DeBroeckWedding_0093 DeBroeckWedding_0094 DeBroeckWedding_0095 DeBroeckWedding_0096 DeBroeckWedding_0097

DeBroeckWedding_0110 DeBroeckWedding_0099 DeBroeckWedding_0100 DeBroeckWedding_0101 DeBroeckWedding_0102 DeBroeckWedding_0103 DeBroeckWedding_0104 DeBroeckWedding_0105 DeBroeckWedding_0111

Come back soon for the part II, the rad reception filled to the brim with darling southern details and daring dancer’s dancing the night away in an old dance hall. 

|| dress – Austin Scarlett at Mia Couture Bridal | invitation – Kelcy Parrish | Griffindor garter – Uniquely Yours Bridal | Tardis Patch – La Muerte Dulce | hair – Joni from Atia’s Hair Salon | makeup – Brittany Gutierrez | florist – mother of the bride ||

You may see Shailey’s wonderful Waco bridal session here if you wish.

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  • gayle bellomy

    You totally captured the funny and tender moments of that amazing day! Thanks for sharing your talent with the mere mortals. :)ReplyCancel

  • Barbara Steponik

    Beautiful Wedding ,church ,your dress. Every thing look perfect plus a beautiful Bride , hope you stay married for ever !! Love you, BobbyReplyCancel

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