Jessica & Ryan : Dallas Engagement

Ryan was planning on moving back to Colorado to be with his family as he had been studying in Texas for five years. He was looking forward to getting back to the mountains again. Then one day, he met the beautiful Jessica…a few months before graduation. He just knew there was something in this confident and lovely woman and that this would greatly impact his future plans. Graduation was bittersweet for Rayn knew that he would be leaving a piece of his heart behind in Texas. So they decided to continue their relationship even if it was to be long distance. After a year of being long distance, with the help of Skype and many hour long phone conversations, Ryan finally convinced Jessica to move to Colorado to finally be together. Although Denver life was good, he soon realized the difficulty of taking a true Texas gal out of Texas. Jessica missed her family and they both missed their Texas friends. So Ryan decided to follow her back to Texas. And here they are today. About to get hitched.

I’m so excited to be documenting their wedding in Dripping Springs (near Austin) this weekend! This couple is pure greatness. I can’t wait to share Jessica’s bridals! Anyways…enjoy!

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“I still remember to this day, the moment I decided that I could not wait any longer and had to have her for the rest of my life. My relationship with Jessica keeps me on my toes and there is never a dull moment. I can truly say I found the love of my life.” – Ryan 

JR_0019 JR_0020 JR_0022 JR_0023  

“I adore his heart. He is a dreamer, a sweet and Godly man. He would go to the ends of the earth just to make me happy.” – Jessica

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