Austibond : a bonding trip in Austin

This past December in good ol’ 2013, I embarked on a photographic journey in Austin with a group of local and insanely talented female photographers: Jillian, Lauren, Stephanie, Emily, Elisabeth, Amanda, Allison, and Jessica…oh and Jessica’s little baby boy, Judah.

Jillian got us all together and “planned” this random, just-for-fun, whatever happens, spontaneous trip meant for exploring, bonding and photographing purely for our own enjoyment. Jillian and I go way back…well back in college when we were both attending UNT and she needed a wedding photographer for her wedding about three years or so ago. Since then, I’ve seen her grow into this super amazing photographer.

So most of us attending were either strangers or just kinda knew each other through social media. But I guess you could say we are all used to photographing complete strangers.

We rented a cozy home that was near downtown. Some of us practiced double/multiple exposures just for fun (I had never practiced it prior to the trip). We talked and joked about the behind the scenes of being a wedding photographer, from the many joys to the relatable horrors. Personally, I feel that it’s better to be part of a friendly and helpful community than be a lone competitor in this industry.

I will always treasure this little trip. I sure hope we do another one! Here are a few faves!

Austibond_0037 Austibond_0038 Austibond_0039

Jillian and I enjoying a lattes from Vintage Heart Coffee.

Austibond_0040 Austibond_0041 Austibond_0042 Austibond_0043.1 Austibond_0043 Austibond_0044 Austibond_0045 Austibond_0046 Austibond_0047 Austibond_0048 Austibond_0049 Austibond_0050 Austibond_0051 Austibond_0052 Austibond_0053 Austibond_0054 Austibond_0055 Austibond_0056 Austibond_0057 Austibond_0058 Austibond_0060 Austibond_0061 Austibond_0062 Austibond_0063 Austibond_0064 Austibond_0065

We went to McKinney Falls for the nature portion of our adventure.

Austibond_0066 Austibond_0067 Austibond_0069.1

Look at me, bein’ all edgy and model-ish.

Austibond_0069 Austibond_0070 Austibond_0071 Austibond_0072 Austibond_0073 Austibond_0074 Austibond_0075 Austibond_0076 Austibond_0077 Austibond_0078 Austibond_0079 Austibond_0080 Austibond_0081 Austibond_0082 Austibond_0083 Austibond_0084 Austibond_0085 Austibond_0086 Austibond_0087 Austibond_0088 Austibond_0089 Austibond_0090 Austibond_0091 Austibond_0092 Austibond_0093 Austibond_0094 Austibond_0095 Austibond_0096 Austibond_0097 Austibond_0098 Austibond_0099 Austibond_0100 Austibond_0101 Austibond_0102 Austibond_0103 Austibond_0104 Austibond_0105 Austibond_0106 Austibond_0107 Austibond_0108 Austibond_0109 Austibond_0110 Austibond_0111 Austibond_0112 Austibond_0113

Here is one of all of us, thanks to a random passerby!


And here is a few of our Instagrams! We created our own hashtag (#austibond).

We sort of are obsessed with that app.



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  • Jillian Zamora

    Steph! Gahhhhhhlly! Love these. I really love your double exposures too! Especially the one you posted large of Lauren and the one above that one of Amanda. SOOOOOOO good. You’re crazy talented and I’m so happy to be friends with you.ReplyCancel

  • Ashley Brannon

    What a fun trip! Thanks for the mid-week inspiration, PS You look AMAZING!ReplyCancel

  • Miranda

    Ugh. I’m so tired of you being so cool and having cool friends and doing cool things and being so damn cool. Cut that out.ReplyCancel

    • Stephanie Rose

      You’re too funny Miranda. I ADORE YOU. Remember when we did cool things together? Let do that again!ReplyCancel