Grapevine Engagement : Kristin & Paul

They first connected at a lake house, conversing about their upcoming parts for the wedding of Paul’s brother and Kristin’s sorority sister. It was Paul’s hilarious antics and Kristin’s playful personality that soon sparked a budding friendship between the two. Seven months later while Kristin was busy in Austin, she invited Paul for happy hour to talk about their friend’s approaching wedding. It began as a simple chat that led to a conversation that lasted until three in the morning. Kristin had never laughed so hard and Paul had never met anyone so effortlessly beautiful. They have since become inseparable and believe they will never run out of things to talk about.

I personally know Kristin from being involved with Denton Women’s Collective (an organization committed to improving the lives of those in the community by advocating tolerance, kindness, and equality). Kristin is a doctoral student studying Professional Learning as well as Career and Technical Education. She is incredibly smart, beautiful and kind. Quite the catch I must say. Paul is a lucky guy. :)

“Choose adventure over complacency, creativity over routine, and curiosity over ignorance.” – Kristin’s life motto.

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  • sgarlene Stapleton

    Beautiful photos ! Kristin loves the camera but I’m then I’m her mother.ReplyCancel