Just Married. Melissa & Nicholas

Melissa adores his sense of adventure and how brave and beautiful he makes her feel…not to mention his kind smile. Nicholas adores her joy for life and the energy she brings every single day. Together, they love going on adventures and learning new things. Heck, they went to Thailand for their honeymoon for like 3 weeks! They hope to spend the rest of their lives continuing to travel and laughing their way into old age. :)

I asked Melissa if there was anything she’d change from her wedding day and she simply said the rain. Which I totally understand. It was originally supposed to be an outdoor wedding but the rain was absolutely pouring. Melissa said that Nicholas has a wonderful way of seeing the rain as a symbol of renewal and cleansing, and what better way to start their first day of marriage than with a literal fresh, clean plate. I like that.

It was held at one of my favorite, DIY venues ever, Winfrey Point near White Rock Lake in Dallas. The drive to the venue was a little scary because of the heavy downfall, but luckily it stopped a little bit so we were able to photograph a few exteriors of the building.

Thomas_001.1 Thomas_001.2 Thomas_0001.2 Thomas_0029 Thomas_0038 Thomas_0025 Thomas_0036 Thomas_003.4 Thomas_0003.3 Thomas_003.5 Thomas_0003 Thomas_0020 Thomas_0023

 Crazy fact…the burlap you see here is from another wedding I shot. Melissa got it from Craiglist. Small world yo.


So I love this ‘Go Pro on the wedding arch’ idea.

Thomas_0030 Thomas_0015 Thomas_0015.2 Thomas_0014.1

 Melissa’s bridesmen, helping out with the cake. :)

Thomas_0010 Thomas_0013.1

 Such a stunning cake…would you believe me if I told you that the bride made them? She took a cake making class prior to her wedding. She’s very creative. 

Thomas_0013.0 Thomas_0012 Thomas_0011

Let’s not forget the grooms cake.

K_0037 K_0036 Thomas_0008 Thomas_0007

 She hand painted these signs too!

Thomas_006 Thomas_0005 Thomas_0039.1 Thomas_0039 Thomas_0040.1 Thomas_0040 Thomas_0050 Thomas_0053 Thomas_0055 Thomas_0056 Thomas_0057 Thomas_0060 Thomas_0062.1 Thomas_0062


 This is why I adore the first look!

Thomas_0064.1 Thomas_0064 Thomas_0065.1 Thomas_0065 Thomas_0066 Thomas_0068 Thomas_0069 Thomas_0070 Thomas_0071.1 Thomas_0071 Thomas_0073 Thomas_0079 Thomas_0080 Thomas_0083 Thomas_0084 Thomas_0085 Thomas_0086.1 Thomas_0086 Thomas_0087.1 Thomas_0087 Thomas_0088 Guests are beginning to arrive, rain or shine.

Thomas_0093 Thomas_0096 Thomas_0098 Thomas_0099 Thomas_0102

Thomas_0105 Thomas_0103 Thomas_0106.1 Thomas_0106 Thomas_0107 Thomas_0108 Thomas_0111 Thomas_0112 Thomas_0113 Thomas_0114 Thomas_0115 Thomas_0116 Thomas_0120 Thomas_0121 Thomas_0123 Thomas_0124 Thomas_0125 Thomas_0126 Thomas_0128 Thomas_0129 Thomas_0131

 Hugs galore y’all! Even I got hugs. :D

Thomas_0134 Thomas_0135 Thomas_0136 Thomas_0137 Thomas_0138 K_0032 K_0035

Melissa and her sister wore the same “infinity bracelet”.

K_0034 Thomas_0141 Thomas_0142 Thomas_0148 Thomas_0149 Thomas_0150 Thomas_0151

 This little guy tried to ruin the pictures.

Thomas_0152 Thomas_0153 Thomas_0155 Thomas_0157 Thomas_0158 K_0038 Thomas_0161 Thomas_0162 Thomas_0163 Thomas_0164.1 Thomas_0164 Thomas_0165 Thomas_0168 Thomas_0169.1 Thomas_0169 Thomas_0170 Thomas_0171 Thomas_0179 Thomas_0181 Thomas_0184 Thomas_0185 Thomas_0188 Thomas_0190 Thomas_0191 Thomas_0192 Thomas_0193 Thomas_0195 Thomas_0196.1 Thomas_0196 Thomas_0197 Thomas_0198 Thomas_202 Thomas_0203.1 Thomas_0203 Thomas_0204 Thomas_0205 Thomas_0206.1 Thomas_0206 Thomas_0207 Thomas_0209 Thomas_0210 Thomas_0212 Thomas_0214 Thomas_0215 Thomas_0216 Thomas_0226 Thomas_0217 Thomas_0218 Thomas_0220 Thomas_0229 Thomas_0231 Thomas_0233 Thomas_0240 Thomas_0242 Thomas_02244
As you can tell, it was a beautiful and fun day, regardless of the rain. I had a blast myself. They made me feel like I was part of the family. I love it when that happens. :) I want to thank my second shooter, Zac Switzer, who continues to amaze me.

You may also check out Melissa’s Dallas Arboretum bridal session here.

Cake – Bride designed and made the cakes | DJ – First Dance Dj’s | Catering- Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse | Dress- by Jasmine from Melange Bridal in Austin, TX | Florist- 500flowers.com and arranged by Bride’s mother | Venue – Winfrey Point on White Rock Lake | Hair/MUA – Bride did her own hair and makeup | Photobooth – Complete Music| Videographer – Chad Jones and company

I asked her to list everything that was DIY:

“All the decorations (chandeliers — my mom aunt and I made 1000 coffee filter flowers for them, gold monogram frames on the fireplaces, all the tablescape design, table runners were made by my grandmother, the cakes and cake displays, chalkboard program sign — that took for freaking EVER, invitations were completely handmade at my home, wedding arch that we got married under, burlap bows hung around the stage (they were supposed to be chair decor along the back when we were going to get married outside), giant gold picture frame with all our photos clothes-pinned to it, boutonnieres and corsages, my bouquet, sister’s bouquet and toss bouquet, cones for the petal toss. Sheesh.”

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