Just Married : Amber & Josh

Amber and Josh remembered each other from high school, but never really had the opportunity to talk until one day they realized that they worked out in the same gym. Josh asked Amber many times via Facebook that they should workout together, but they never met up to do so. It wasn’t until one day at the gym, Amber spotted Josh from across the room and decided to say hello. They began to workout just as friends, until about two months in when they realized that it had become more than just friends.  

Amber loves how they were both raised in Christian homes and held strong family values. Josh was ever so charming, sweet and always made Amber laugh. He quickly became her best friend. Josh was different from any guy she had ever dated before and realized that there was nothing she would want to change about him, she knew he was special. Josh fell in love with Amber’s confidence. She wasn’t afraid to talk to him first. Josh is the kind of guy that likes to joke around with people and not everyone can take it, but Amber can, she can throw it right back at him. Once he met Amber’s family, they instantly got along. Amber’s brother is now one of Josh’s best friends. Most importantly they shared the same Christian values and fell in love.

They hope to live a life of love and grow old together. To someday visit Greece. To continue to travel and to finally settle down and have a big ol’ happy family.

I really ADORED documenting their big day. I seriously think I have some of the best clients ever. Enjoy highlights from their big day!

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They decided against doing the first look, but wanted to have a moment for themselves minutes before the ceremony.

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Something they like to keep in mind on a daily basis is advice that Amber once heard on the radio: To always meet the needs of your significant other, not necessarily your own. When you give 100% for them and they give 100% for you, then everyone’s needs end up getting met.

Vendors: Venue(s) – Ceremony – Preston Ridge Baptist Church in Frisco, TX / Reception – Big Orange Pumpkin Farm in Celina, TX / Cake – April’s Cakes in Frisco / DJ – Austin Holtzman with Party Time Productions / Catering – Rudy’s BBQ in Frisco / Dress – Allure Bridals at Lewisville Bridal Boutique / Florist- Elizabeth Jones & Bonnie / Hair – Valerie Wheeler MUA – Maria from MAC at Northpark / Things that were DIY – Belt on her dress, veil, coffee filter pom poms, wedding programs, moss monogram, napkins, table runners, R wrapped in twine, curtains at the church, all signs through out the wedding. Pretty much everything was DIY except the stuff listed above. Amber decorated everything with the help of family, Josh, & bridesmaids!

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