Lake Ray Roberts Engagement : Caitlin & Shannon

They met at a mutual friend’s birthday party about four years ago. Caitlin was leaving early just as Shannon was arriving. They crossed paths, he introduced himself with a big, random hug. Don’t you just love random hugs? I know I do. (I love hugging my clients). Anyways, it was special to Caitlin because she had just moved to Texas from Ohio and “people just don’t give out random hugs in the Northeast”, says Caitlin. Southern hospitality y’all. She never forgot that sweet moment from their first meeting.


From road trips to hiking to mountain biking, Shannon and Caitlin just love being outdoors, especially if it involves their dog, Champ.

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“I love Shannon’s spirit of constant positivity and his desire to always do the right thing. He is always willing to help someone out and is quite supportive of my ambitions. He is very close to his family, and that is one of the first things that attracted me to him. He treats everyone with respect, not to mention that he’s an Eagle Scout, so he can do anything. He is my best friend and I want to always make sure that he feels loved and supported. He is the biggest gift in my life thus far.” – Caitlin.

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“I love that Caitlin seems to get sweeter and more beautiful inside and out.  
She thinks of others first. I love that she’s not materialistic and cares more about life, living it to the fullest, with those that she loves. She’d prefer a road trip than a new handbag. I love that she enjoys being outdoors and being active. Running, biking, or just walking together makes my day and relieves any stress that I may have, especially when I see her smile. I love her beautiful smile that just gleams how much she loves and cares for me and I can’t see an end in sight.” – Shannon

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I loved photographing your engagements! Have a happy marriage in Florida! I wish I could document the big day. :)

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