Dallas Engagement : Claire & Matthew

It was one of those “love at first sight” moments you hear about or see in the movies. Matthew was hanging out at the bar with his friends who just so happened to be old high school classmates of Claire. Matthew used the classic line, “I think I know you from somewhere.”. She was smitten. Claire was just visiting Dallas at the time and had to fly back to South Carolina the next day. She couldn’t stop talking about Matthew with her mother when she got home. She just knew.

He is her best friend and huge supporter. Claire told me that she feels like she has fully bloomed into herself since she has been with him.

Matthew knew from their first conversation that Claire was his soul mate. He is amazed by how passionate Claire is in everything she puts her mind to. She is his inspiration to be the best he can be. “I never get over how lucky I am to have her in my life. ” he says.

I’m very much looking forward to documenting their big day next year!

ClaireMatthew_0001 ClaireMatthew_0002 ClaireMatthew_0003 ClaireMatthew_0004 ClaireMatthew_0005 ClaireMatthew_0006 ClaireMatthew_0007 ClaireMatthew_0008

Notice how graceful Claire is? She used to study ballet. “Though we may argue over who is the better dancer, she will always be my ballerina.” says Matthew.

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“Nothing is as scary or sad now because I know that we will face it together.”

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