Just Married. Cecilia & Greg.

They met in Calculus class in high school. Greg needed help and asked Cecilia because she is “Asian and obviously good math” (as she says). She thought he was quite goofy and VERY tall. The first thing that Cecilia noticed about Greg was that the tassels on his loafers were eaten. He said his dog ate them and that was one of their initial conversations. The first thing that Greg noticed about Cecilia was that she had a very big voice for a little woman. Then he met her family and it made complete sense (her family is loud!). What caught Cecilia’s eye was the fact that Greg is incredibly kind, generous and makes her laugh…and it doesn’t hurt that her family is in love with him as well. Greg loves how intelligent, thoughtful, beautiful, witty, funny and sarcastic Cecilia is…insanity wrapped up into a very small person.

I documented this unique Catholic wedding back in June and happy to finally share it. Enjoy!

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They opted to do a First Look and planned on doing wedding party and bridesmaids photos before hand…but hair and makeup took longer than expected. They had time to see each other minutes before the ceremony though! A moment they could share together.

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Since they had a full Catholic mass, they had some downtime between the ceremony and reception, take it all in, prepare and get ready to party!

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The Beginning.

Cecilia and Greg have been together for seven years. They ADORE their baby corgi, Annyong, and spoil him rotten for he is the center of their universe, besides their family and friends of course. Their hopes and dreams for the future is to travel the world and expand their family (either fur baby or a real baby).

Cecilia and Greg, you were such an amazing couple to work with! It was a pleasure getting to know you two and document your big day!


Cecilia’s bridals will be blogged and linked soon!

Vendors: Cake – Sugar Bee Sweets Bakery / DJ – DJ Rob Williams / Catering – CN Catering / Dress – Vera Wang  / Florist/Reception Design – Lisa McCarty / Ceremony Venue – Christ the King Catholic Church / Reception Venue – McDavid Studio / Hair/MUA – Avalon Designs

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