InstaUpdate: August 2013.

It’s time for a new InstaUpdate. For those who aren’t familar, InstaUpdate is something I’m planning on doing monthly as a way to let my readers know what I have been up to (besides just photographing) using a few of that month’s pictures I took and posted on my Instagram (follow me @stephanierosephoto)! For those who don’t know what Instagram is… it is a free photo-sharing app on the iPhone and Android. Instagram allows users to take a photo, apply a digital filter to it, and then share it with other Instagram users across the globe. Instagram can then be connected on a variety of social networking services, like Facebook and Twitter. It’s like a visual status update. A daily diary if you will.

Here are a few things I did in the month of August.


My adorable, fluffy, darling, gray (and old) cat, #asheythefluffycat, is doing swell. She has been doing an abundance of chair surfing. Here she is, enjoying our recently given vintage chair from the 60s.

I have been doing a lot of bike riding whenever I can. Since I spend a lot of time behind the computer for editing and managing purposes, it’s been a handy way to burn calories and be active. From the market, to the post office, I love being able to bike to these useful locations. Workout, take in the scenery while doing errands, I’ll take that. This image was taken before I received my Sawako Furuno helmet. Safety y’all.


My boyfriend Philip and our friends have started a new tradition on Sundays. Potlock. Cookout. Play music. Sing. Visit. Denton, TX style.

Philip grew a mustache for the summer.


I received this wonderful painting of yours truly by a darling recent bride of mine. It was totally unexpected. A thank you card makes a photographer (well anyone) feel good. We strive to work hard to properly document your big day. It’s a lot of mental and physical work! She did a wonderful job of incorporating my brand into the portrait. :) I’m in awe.


I started making my own fresh organic orange juice. It’s an arm workout, but it’s the tastiest orange juice I’ve ever had.

Truly, simply orange juice.


I always dreamed of one day tending a garden of my own in my future house. Dreams became reality when Philip finally built a garden box.

It was affordable too!

We already had a kickin’ compost going and created some luscious dirt. I also bought some would-be-bait worms from Wal-Mart to live in our garden and make it more alive and flourish.


This was after an engagement shoot at Grapevine Lake. Good ol’ Texas beauty.


I needed some fresh business cards. Thanks to Moo, I got a good batch.

 I also bought stickers with my logo and a swanky business card holder.


One wedding-free weekend, I joined my boyfriend, his sister, bro-in-law, and nephew, to stay at their cabin in east Texas. I learned how to shoot a .22 (I think), I saw a couple of wild hogs, an armadillo, a hawk, a few skunks, and listened to the beautiful hoots of owls from afar.

I also rode a mini 4 wheeler and taught a 4 year old how to hula hoop.


The night before a Sunday potluck, I saw this “Watermelon Cake” on Pinterest and just HAD to try it out.

It was simple and quick.

Watermelon, seedless, cut into a circle, after cutting in half.

Whipped cream (although I would have used something thicker/stickier like yogurt or coconut cream.)

Decorate it with fresh fruits. I used kiwi, strawberries, blackberries and blueberries.

Sliced almonds, anywhere you’d like. Have fun with it.

It’s a healthy, fulfilling, gluten-free, guilt-free dessert.


That’s a few things for now. I also did a lot of weddings, sessions and editing….but you knew that. :)



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