Just Married. Josephine & Clay.

They met in geometry class freshman year of high school. Clay was attracted to Josephine’s cuteness and hopelessly tried to flirt with her, to which she never really reciprocated. After forming a study group with some mutual friends, Josephine figured out that Clay was intelligent and had her hooked. Because she had played hard to get, it made Clay want to try even harder. He liked her and knew she liked him .

Clay brought up the idea of pretending to be going out for April Fool’s, which somehow turned into “pretending” for a week. Three weeks after the April Fool’s joke, Clay had finally worked up the courage to officially ask Josephine to be his girl. They were planning on meeting at the public library, where Clay would profess his adoration for her. Clay awaited her arrival, replaying what he would say in his head. But Josephine walked in with a friend. His plan was foiled. So then he re-strategized and did what any other 15 year old would have done….he asked her out on AOL Instant Messenger (remember those times?). Replying “yes” was one of the best decisions of Josephine’s life. They dated all throughout high school and survived 4 years of a long-distance relationship in college and made it to the point of saying “I do”.

Love at first sight doesn’t exactly apply to Josephine and Clay’s relationship, but they are faithful believers in “happily ever after”.

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Wedding Vendors: Venue – The Orchard | Cake – Creative Cakes by Monica |
DJ – Mike Mahnich | Coordinating/Dinnerware – Bumble Bee Occasions | Catering – Jon “Hillbilly” Poole | Dress – Mockingbird Bridal Boutique
| Florist – Lilium Floral Designs | Hair/MUA – Amanda Reibenstein

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