Just Married: Chris & Michelle

Chris and Michelle met through a large group of friends their freshman year in college. They began to enjoy each others company the more time they spent together to the point where they both knew they liked each other, but nothing was said until a good friend “semi-forced” them to finally start dating. Afterwards, they became inseparable. They both share a sense for adventure and love for travel. They love to explore national parks, go hiking, camping and backpacking together, among other exciting things.

They have known each other for 5 years now. After getting married, they moved to Buffalo, Wyoming, where Michelle has found work as an art teacher and Chris is fighting wildfires. I loved photographing their big day. I like to believe I have the sweetest and most genuine clients ever and I always feel so honored to document a loving couples big day. Enjoy!

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Vendors | Cake: The Jenny Layne Bakery | DJ: Lori C. Jackson with
Melodies and Memories Entertainment | Catering: Provided by venue, Park City Club | Ceremony Location: St. Monica Catholic Church | Dress: Bridal Boutique Of Lewisville | Florist: Wild About Flowers | Program Design: Wildflower Designs

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  • Liz Trotty

    Love the pictures!!!! CongratsReplyCancel

  • amanda

    These are incredibly beautiful. Congrats to the two love birds and beautiful job on the wedding shoot <3ReplyCancel