24 Things.

Today is a special day! Why?…well ’tis my 24th year of existing!  wow

I was born in Ft. Worth, TX at 7:23am, 7lbs 2oz, 24 years ago today! I’m going to sing, dance and tell the universe how much I love life! I wanted to make a blog post with a list of totally random and silly 24 things I just thought of at the top of my head that you may or may not know about me in honor of today.

1. I traveled to Europe to sing in the cathedrals and do some touristing with my High School choir.

2. I’m Choctaw and often attend powwows. I’m proud of my heritage and love learning about my ancestry.


3. I can tap dance.

4. I love garage sales, thrifting, flea markets and antique stores. My mom taught me the wonders of them at a young age.

5. I got braces for the first time, August 2012. I have about 8 more months to go! It’s down to the last wire. ;)

6. As a child, I was a huuuge TY Beanie Babies collector. In fact, my 200+ collection is currently gathering dust at my parents house.


7. I used to draw a lot. Kids at school would ask me to draw things for them.


8. I used to want to be a tattoo artist.

9. I don’t have ANY tattoos.

10. I have my cartilage pierced, which I sometimes forget I have.

11. I love hula hooping and learning hoop tricks!


12. I’m a born again vegetarian.

13. I used to dye my hair black.

14. I’m a natural blonde and haven’t dyed my hair in years now.


15. I preferred watching the Disney Channel over MTV growing up. This may explain why I’m so young at heart.

16. I secretly wish I was some sort of performance dancer or on Broadway. I loved being in musicals during High School.


17. I’m not afraid to say that I’m good at foosball. Philip calls me his ringer.      foosballin   

18. I consider myself a professional wedding cake eater.


19. I don’t care for bling, I prefer natural stones.

20. I used to want to work at Disneyworld and be a face character, like Alice in Wonderland. Well…I still would if I could.

21. I have a newfound love for cooking!


22. I was a cheerleader in middle school, but that doesn’t mean I was popular.

23. I can play the piano, guitar, Native American flute, ocarina, ukulele, and almost any instrument you give me. Except the violin. That’s a toughie.


24. I was am totally obsessed with the musical, Cats.

Thank you for reading my blog! I hope you all have a wonderful day…I know I will! All of these images are from my instagram (@stephanierosephoto). Also, happy Sunglasses Day!






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