InstaUpdate (For September)

InstaUpdate is a way to let my readers know what I have been up to, using some of the pictures I take and post on Instagram! For those who don’t know what Instagram is… it is a free photo-sharing app on the iPhone and Android. It allows users to take a photo, apply a digital filter to it, and then share it with other Instagram users they are connected to on the app as well as on a variety of social networking services. Think of it as a digital scrapbook.

I’m doing these InstaUpdate posts monthly so that my clients and readers know I have a life besides photographing weddings and documenting amazing people!

If you want to actually follow my Instagram…my username is @stephanierosephoto


My boyfriend, Philip and I really enjoy attending shows and concerts. When we got back from Oklahoma in early September, we went to go see our friends awesome band, RTB2

One Friday evening we were invited by Philip’s uncle to go to Dallas to the House of Blues to see the band, Two Gallants.

It was a good, intimate show.

I photographed a wedding at a pretty challenging venue…I wasn’t allowed on the floor at all. I was going to have my second shooter pretend to be “Uncle Bob” in the audience…but he got busted. We had to work WAY WAY WAY in the back on a balcony. I felt a bit out of my element since I was unable to work too close to document those emotions.

I was crossing the street at night and found the most random finds…a bible and a VHS laying side by side. A great movie actually. Keep your eyes peeled, you never you what you may find.

This is our apartment. All nice and clean, yet overwhelming with stuff and decor…we need a bigger place.  My boyfriend and I prepared an awesome meal for some visiting friends. They had some exciting news for us so we had to celebrate!

My boyfriend had Tuesdays off for a while so we started something called “Carson Tuesdays”. Carson is Philip’s 3 year old nephew. I love this little dude and Philip is such a wonderful uncle. We went out for ice cream.

Then we went to the antique store. How cool is this little guy?

I’m still a student in college…graduating this Fall (ugh I cannot wait). But I was interested in an old school process called Van Dyke, an alternative photographic process.

I tried a simple hairstyle I’ve never tried again…the bowbun.

Philip and I went to a discgolf course that had a uniquely shaped tree.

Philip is really awesome at this sport.

After shooting a wedding…I find it relaxing to wind down by the fire with some good friends.  I also tried a new style of packaging a thumbdrive full of wedding pictures for my clients. But I’m not sure if I’ll keep it this way for long.

We enjoyed another “Carson Tuesday”. We had a picnic under a big tree and it was a beautiful tree. But as we were feasting under the tree, a crazy squirrel tried to pelt us with pecans he’d been gnawing on. It was gross.

October’s InstaUpdate is coming soon…this past week and a half have been super tough as I lost one of my best friends due to a car accident. So things have been pretty hard.

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